Mourinho: – Only one club for which I do not have deep feelings

Mourinho: – Only one club for which I do not have deep feelings
Mourinho: – Only one club for which I do not have deep feelings

Still great Sæter uncertainty

NOT ON THE COURSE: Or yes, but for now only with trainers.
Photo: Ole Martin Wold

It is still uncertain when Ole Sæter will be back in action.

He still hasn’t played a single minute of football this season, Ole Sæter.

The Rosenborg striker suffered a muscle injury in a training match against Haugesund at the end of March and has since been on the sidelines.

– The load has actually been a bit too great, a bit too long, without us having the final result in hand, because you don’t know that until you take a picture. Then we had a picture taken and some examinations, and then it showed that it had not healed completely.

The 27-year-old is unlikely to be seen on the pitch when Trønder visit Brann Stadion next Monday. It is also not certain that Sæter will be back before the holidays.

– It was boring that we had a bit of a setback and that things take a little longer. I came out very aggressively last time and I’m actually very afraid to say anything now, because then I know that it will most likely bite me in the ass, says Sæter and adds:

– Of course I have some dates in my head, but I had that last time too and they were not fulfilled. I just have to take it day by day. This leads to new matches in the stands, which the main character himself does not like.

Sæter tries to contribute where he can.

– It’s terrible, I hate it. Then I don’t get to do much more than stand behind the team and support underneath. That is where I can contribute. Being a positive figure in the dressing room is the most important thing I can do right now.

However, good news for the Rosenborg supporters is that Carlo Holse is nearing his comeback. The Dane was operated on for appendicitis at the beginning of May, but according to what TV 2 learns, he is highly relevant for the RBK squad that travels to Bergen.

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