What’s the deal with weird labels on natural wine?

What’s the deal with weird labels on natural wine?
What’s the deal with weird labels on natural wine?

Thousand Fires 2021
McLaren Vale, Australia

Item no. 13867701
NOK 329.90

Jauma’s playful labels are easy to spot. Jauma is the winery of James and Denise Erskine. This is a fresh and expressive white wine of 60/40 chenin blanc and arneis, where the chenin has been in whole bunches of grapes, while the arneis has undergone skin maceration. The result is a light orange wine with notes of apricot and orange.

Catherine & Pierre Breton
Épaulé Jeté Bourgueil Rouge 2020
Loire, France

NOK 264.90
Item no. 14416801
Blend Wines

Few labels have become as synonymous with French natural wine as Épaulé Jeté by the illustrator Michel Tolmer. The name alludes to weightlifting and has made the wines of the Breton couple iconic. This, made from cabernet franc, is a light and juicy red wine with concentrated fruit and herbal notes.

Il Farneto
Berzmein Rosso 2020
Emilia-Romagna, Italy

NOK 189.90
Item no. 11743001
Blend Wines

Easily recognizable label with happy type with beard. He must have been happy with this wine, because it is a good buy! Ultimate pizza wine from the marezemino grape, very ripe on the nose with a touch of herbs and green peppers. Good tannins in the cheeks and front. Surprisingly long compared to the price, a lot of wine for the money.

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