– The model is wrong for our industry


The farmers are not universally positive about the news about the government’s agreement with Venstre and Patient Focus on the salmon tax. But they see bright spots.

Today came the news that a settlement had been reached regarding a new salmon tax. Thus, a long-running saga is about to come to fruition.

Now there is excitement about what happens next. The devil will be in the details.

Skrova breeder Line Ellingsen has been a clear spokesperson against the government’s tax proposal, and has also represented Sjømat Norge at the Storting in the hearing on the salmon tax.

Tax pressure too high
– My starting point is that it was good that the Conservative Party, FrP and KrF broke away. They have understood and listened to the industry, which says that this model is not good and that the tax burden is too high, she tells iLaks.

– I am disappointed that Venstre has entered into a settlement of 25 per cent. This is because 25 per cent in addition to other taxes gives a very high tax burden. And what’s more, the model is wrong for our industry.

Ellingsen points out that there is much that is not known about the settlement and there are a number of things that are unclear:

– What happens to the price council and what about the right to deduct fish that was put into the sea before the turn of the year? she asks.

Line Ellingsen. PHOTO: Andreas Witzøe

Look at the consultation responses
She is therefore very concerned about which guidelines will be included in the final regulations:

– The tax rate is one thing. But here there are a number of issues that are unclear. I hope that the consultation responses are looked at when drafting the regulations, because here there are a number of things we don’t know, she clarifies.

In conclusion, Line Ellingsen emphasizes the importance of having a tax model for the industry that is actually adapted to the industry:

– It must be a model that is adapted to Norwegian aquaculture and not one that comes from the Norwegian oil industry.

Expectations for the environmental technology scheme
Managing director Sondre Eide at Eide Fjordbruk agrees with Ellingsen that the tax burden is still too high:

– It is better than the original proposal, but it is still a doubling compared to what we had before, he says.

Eide points out that it has been proposed that the environmental technology scheme should come in during the year:

– That is a positive thing. But it is important that it gets the right arrangement.

– We get less money with which to invest, and therefore it is even more important to have a reliable environmental technology scheme that evens out the difference Norway now has with other countries.

He believes that the conversion scheme proposed by Sjømatbedriftene and Redd Villaksen is a good solution:

– I believe that being able to convert one license into three licenses is a good model. When you are going to buy expensive technology, you must have more volume to show to the bank in order to get financing, explains Eide.

– Now it is very important that there is an arrangement that focuses on technology development.

Significantly better
– The government has secured a majority in Parliament to adopt a resource tax on the salmon farming industry of 25 per cent on values ​​created in the marine phase of the salmon production cycle, states Grieg Seafood in a press release.

– This is significantly better than the original proposal of 40 per cent, the company writes further.

Grieg Seafood will study the details of the final fee when they are published, and assess all investments that are put on hold in light of the final fee.

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