– At the beginning of next season, our goal must be to win the Premier League and the Champions League


Luke Shaw has in an interview with

spoke optimistically about Erik ten Hags United – and ambitiously about the future.

– I think that the teams around us can definitely see that Manchester United will return. The first season under a new manager there will always be some changes, and it is easy to see what he has brought in, and how he has changed the way we think and the way we play.

– He wants there to be high intensity in everything the team does, and he wants us to be aggressive and on our toes, and push as hard as possible. He has also made us better with the ball and we are definitely now a bigger threat when we have the ball.

– It is obvious that we are heading in the right direction, and as I have said before, we must challenge for the league title. I’m sure we’re going to make some big new signings this summer and hopefully we can get that in as soon as possible so they can be in [fra start] in the run-up to the season. At the start of next season, our aim must be to win the Premier League and the Champions League. That is how we must think from now on, says Shaw.


As you know, United have had a very good season on their own turf and have only conceded eight goals at home in the Premier League, and the only loss at home came in the first home game of the season against Brighton.

The versatile defender has also spoken to the club media where he paid tribute to the Old Trafford crowd who have stood behind the team through thick and thin throughout this season.

– It is difficult to say exactly what does it, but the mood and atmosphere that the fans create definitely helps us. They have been brilliant both at home and away, but at Old Trafford we feel unbeatable. It’s a good feeling and our mentality has become good and must continue in that way. The fans make us feel like we’re an extra man and make us give it our all.

The away form has not been the same, which Shaw also points out.

– We need to create the results that we have at Old Trafford also away from home. We have been bad there this season, and especially in the big games. Then we have not managed to be ourselves. It is something we need to work on improving.

THE FANS IN THE BACK: The defender boasts of the Old Trafford crowd and gives them some of the credit for the good home record this season. Here from the match against Bournemouth in January where Shaw got on the scoresheet.

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