The supporters of Liverpool and Manchester United join forces for demands

The supporters of Liverpool and Manchester United join forces for demands
The supporters of Liverpool and Manchester United join forces for demands

Both Liverpool and Manchester United are up for sale, and that leads to interest from kingdoms all over the world. Supporter groups from both clubs have now come together on a statement in which they ask the government to ensure that not just anyone can take over as new owners.

They will ask the government to set stricter requirements for who can own clubs in the Premier League – perhaps in light of the fact that Newcastle was bought by Saudi Arabia just over a year ago.

Sky Sports has obtained access to the statement which will be sent to the British government on Wednesday.

Will secure the clubs future

The statement is signed by Spirit of Shankly (SoS) chairman Joe Blott and Manchester United Supporters’ Trust (MUST) chairman Duncan Drasdo. They say, among other things, the following:

– The global profile of the two clubs will probably attract many potential bidders, including those who want neither the cultural heritage nor the value and interest of the supporters as their primary motivation. We believe this should be an important issue for the government.

SoS and MUST say that they support the work that is now being done to get an independent body which, among other things, will ensure that football’s basic values ​​do not disappear in the pursuit of money, but that they fear that this will come too late for two of the country’s biggest clubs.

– We hope the government can ensure that an independent body and stricter rules for ownership are introduced quickly enough to secure the future of our two clubs, they say.

SoS has the majority in the new supporters’ board, which has secured a place around the table when the most important decisions are to be made at Liverpool FC. That place will also be secured if FSG were to disappear from the club.

Independent body

We have previously written about the work being done on a new piece of legislation that will almost revolutionize English football.

During 2023, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will try to gain better control over English football by introducing regulations for the sport of football. The Daily Mail reported this in autumn.

During the year, the British government will present a bill to regulate the national sport on the island of ball. The proposal is expected to be adopted as a new law in 2024.

If so, a panel will be appointed to find a person to serve as head of an independent regulatory committee – an office that will have directors and a large staff to make decisions on contentious issues within football.

With this new body, the supporters will be able to get more power when decisions are to be made in the clubs, as the supporters in Liverpool have already secured. The big goal is probably to avoid the very biggest clubs getting too much power and suddenly finding that they want to start a league only for the best.

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