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Besides the roars of jubilation after the goals, the loudest noise of the evening came from the stands when Fifa president Gianni Infantino appeared on the big screen.

From all corners of the stadium, fans booed loudly, both among supporters from Wales and England. Infantino first smiled when he was shown on the big screen, but his expression quickly changed.

Ooooo. A clear message from the public when Infantino comes on the big screen, said NRK’s ​​commentator Christian Nilsen.

– Infantino was booed and jeered by the fans when he appeared on the big screen, writes Mark Ogden


CURVED TOWARDS: Fifa President Gianni Infantino.

Photo: DYLAN MARTINEZ / Reuters

The Guardian journalist Sid Lowe points out that the TV producer cut away from Infantino as soon as the booing started.

The Fifa president has been under fire from large parts of the football world recently. Both the Norwegian and Danish football federations have stated that they no longer have confidence in the Swiss.

In particular, the football top’s speech ahead of the World Cup caused a stir. For almost an hour, Infantino hit back at the criticism that has come against Fifa and the World Cup in Qatar. The speech has been described as “disturbing” and “absurd”.

Rashford paid tribute to dead friend

96 seconds of football magic made the difference for England against Wales.

After 49 minutes and 18 seconds, Marcus Rashford blew a free kick in the crossbar. Wales goalkeeper Danny Ward took a step in the wrong direction, and did not get back to the goalkeeper’s corner before Rashford’s horse kick was in the net.

He celebrated by getting down on his knees and pointing two fingers up to the sky.

– I lost a friend a couple of days ago. He had a long battle against cancer. I’m glad I scored for him. He was a great supporter and a good friend to me, says Rashford after the match.

TRIBUTE: Marcus Rashford scored two goals against Wales. After the first goal, he paid tribute to a deceased friend.

Photo: Frank Augstein / AP

Soon after, Ben Davies messed it up in his own defence. His Tottenham team-mate Harry Kane intercepted the ball, serving Phil Foden in the box.

Easy to make it 2-0 from the super talent, who, like Rashford, started for the first time in the World Cup.

Maguire to NRK: – A fantastic match

Wales’ biggest star Gareth Bale managed just seven touches in the first half and never got on the field after the break. From the bench, he watched Rashford make it 3-0 after an impressive individual performance.

This is football. It was a fantastic match by us. It’s a big night for our country. All the players are very happy, says Harry Maguire to NRK and several media.

We are going to have a nice evening. Even if it’s just one game, it’s special to play in the World Cup and beat the rival. But we must remember that there will be another important match soon, he continues.

England meet Senegal in the round of 16. The USA grabbed 2nd place in the group and will meet the Netherlands in the knock-out rounds.

– We know that all teams in this tournament are tough to face. It is, after all, the world’s toughest tournament, says Maguire about the next step on the road to the dream of a World Cup gold.

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