Helene Olafsen receives criticism for her panties

Several hundred thousand TV viewers sit in front of the screen Saturday after Saturday to see how the celebrities do in “Shall we dance: all stars”.

Helene Olafsen (32) is new to the role of presenter of the dance competition and seems to be under everyone’s scrutiny.

Towards the judges: – I got angry

It is not the first time Olafsen has received comments related to his choice of outfit, but this time the panties are also mentioned.

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– There is incorrect information

In “Dansebobla” on TV 2 Play, you can see that it is co-host Anders Hoff (46) who delivers the panty criticism.

He says that it is a little late to say anything, but that a message has arrived in the inbox.

“Helene’s underpants look good under the dress. White with a pattern on it, but very crudely dressed,” reads the message.

– We are “married” after all

– It is beige without a pattern. It is incorrect information, says Olafsen in “Dansebobla”.

Professional dancer Jørgen Nilsen (32), who is engaged to Olafsen, is also present when this is brought up, and humorously says that next time it will have to be covered a little more – and that you can’t show everything.

– So many people I have in my closest circle here in this program – and then there is no one who has said during a three-hour program that I should perhaps have a slightly bigger panty, says Olafsen further.

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– What happened there?

The panty slip is also discussed in the “Skal vi danse” podcast, which is led by Hoff and Olafsen. There, the former reveals that he received the message straight away, but that he waited a while to read it out.

– What happened there? Shall we clean it up right away?, he says in the podcast and gives the floor to Olafsen.

TRANSPARENT: Helene Olafsen went for a relatively transparent dress last broadcast. Photo: TV 2 / Screenshot
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– I knew that the dress was a bit see-through, but in a slightly classy way. Show a little – not everything, she explains with a laugh.

The celebrities react: – Very unfortunate

The presenter admits that she hadn’t thought about the effect the TV lights have, however.

– I’ve seen the program afterwards, it wasn’t as bad as she thought it was, and no, it wasn’t white with a pattern on it. So she couldn’t see it very well!, said Olafsen in response to the person who sent the message.

Dagbladet has tried to get in touch with Helene Olafsen for a comment on the case, so far without success.

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– Some truth in that

After live broadcast two, comments also appeared about the presenter’s choice of outfit.

“Helene Olafsen is dressed as if she is ready to be shot out of an American circus cannon? Only the helmet is missing,” wrote someone on the social platform Jodel.


– To be completely honest, I didn’t take it as criticism, there was some truth in it too. So I just thought it was funny, the 32-year-old told Dagbladet after the “sting”.

At the time, she also answered how it feels that people should think things about what she wears.

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– It’s natural in the job I do, I really get it. We stand there, and it is perhaps impossible not to look at what you are wearing. It’s part of the package. I go for things I like, so people can say what they want.

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