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As VG reported on Friday, the NFF is considering scrapping the cup for 2023.

– It is scandalous, says a frustrated Pål André Helland to NRK.

– It is sad, in that case, says Vålerenga coach Dag-Eilev Fagermo.

They represent two rivals, but agree on the question of whether the cup should be scrapped in 2023.

– It is tradition and part of the folk soul. It is there that the local wide club has the opportunity to meet Rosenborg and Lillestrøm, and to get more money in the coffers. It means an incredible amount, and is the dream of those in the wider area, says Helland.

– The cup is one of the strongest sports events we have in Norway. It unites broad and top, strengthens interest tremendously and leaves money in the broad clubs. And ends the season, with a party at Ullevål, says Fagermo.

REACTS: Scandalous, says Pål André Helland about scrapping the cup.

Photo: Christoffer Andersen / NTB

VG writes that the NFF will decide how the cup will be played next season at the next board meeting.

Competition director in the NFF, Nils Fisketjønn, confirms to the newspaper that they may end up dropping the cup, but emphasizes that it is one of several options being discussed.

– The reason why it is being considered is the time available and tight schedule. Right now I don’t want to rule anything out. There are many opinions, says Fisketjønn.

– Nothing has been decided

He explains to the newspaper that due to the backlog from the corona pandemic, the deadline list has become tight. The cup has already been divided over two years this season.

Two options are now being considered in addition to scrapping the cup. They can also continue to run the cup over two calendar years, or intensify the cup in 2023 and have it run in the same year.

NOTHING DECIDED: That’s what competition director Nils Fisketjønn says.

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

– None of this has been decided yet. I don’t really have much more to say than that, says Fisketjønn to NRK.

Both Fagermo and Helland believe that the latter option is clearly the best.

– I think they should be able to intensify it, and get the final in the autumn after the end of the season. The cup final should mark the end of the season.

I think it must be prioritized

It can lead to a busy program throughout the autumn for the Norwegian clubs, especially for a team like Hellands Lillestrøm, which can have European Cup games at the same time.

Nevertheless, believes that there is support among the players in having the cup completed over a year.

– Clearly. The players love to play as many matches as possible. We have three months to build up, so we are ready to play games. And then you have to prioritize. That’s how it is at the top level. You have a stable that can let go, with younger players, says Helland.

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