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– There is no one in the football world who is better

Captain Harry Maguire has just now lost his place in United’s starting eleven, but this week there has been a lot of support for the United stopper.

On Thursday, wrote about Italian Giorgio Chiellini, who spoke in Maguire’s favour.

Now it’s the England coach.

Has he placed too much trust in Maguire, perhaps?

That was the question.

– No matter what kind of reputation I have, I am now putting it in the pot (for Maguire). You always have to trust your judgment and we feel he is an important player.

GREAT TRUST: Gareth Southgate is crystal clear in his support for Harry Maguire.

– If we thought that we had experienced players who were ready to come in and deliver at a level above what he has done, then the assessment would be different, and in some positions the competition is different precisely for that reason.

– However, he is our most dominant stopper in the air.

– At the same time, he and John Stones are incredible with the ball. It’s absolutely crazy how much pressure they’ve had to take for the team in tournaments we’ve played because we don’t always have the defensive midfielder who can control the game.

– This means that there is enormous pressure on our stoppers to do well with the ball, and there is no one better than the two in the football world to do just that.

With such a statement, there are many indications that Maguire will play for England in the football World Cup, almost regardless of what happens until then.


Southgate admitted that the situation with Maguire on the bench at United is not ideal, but added that he has not felt the need to treat Maguire any differently to the rest of the pack.

– You want your best players to get regular playing time, so that they are physically and mentally in a good place. He is still an important player for us, and for me it is important to show support for my best players.

Harry Kane knows Maguire well.

– There has been some unfair criticism. Harry has been incredible for England for a long time now, going all the way back to the 2018 World Cup. So he’ll probably be the first to admit that his club form hasn’t been as good as he’d like, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a fantastic footballer .

– Now he has to fight his way back into the team at United, and as I know him – and I know him very well – he will work really hard to make it, says Kane.

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