Carlsen advances to the semi-finals – Niemann knocked out

Carlsen advances to the semi-finals – Niemann knocked out
Carlsen advances to the semi-finals – Niemann knocked out

(Magnus Carlsen – Levon Aronian 3–1) After a dramatic quarter-final, Magnus Carlsen (31) won against Levon Aronian (39). But there won’t be any “dream final” against Hans Niemann (19).

FIGHTING ON: Magnus Carlsen took two and a half points in the last three games and secured a place in the semi-finals. Photo: ARUN SANKAR / AFP

22 Sep 2022 21:20

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There has been a storm around Magnus Carlsen in recent weeks. In the Sinquefield Cup two and a half weeks ago, he withdrew from the tournament after losing with white pieces to Hans Niemann. The two met again in the group stage of the Julius Baer Generation Cup on Monday, where Carlsen lost on purpose already in move two.

Since Carlsen’s loss in the Sinquefield Cup, the chess world has been characterized by a debate about whether Niemann has cheated, a debate that has intensified in recent days.

Both made it to the quarter-finals of the Julius Baer Generation Cup, and could potentially meet each other in a final. But for Niemann it stopped in the quarter-finals against Quang Liem Le, while Carlsen knocked out Levon Aronian after a nerve-wracking match.

After the match, he was asked by’s Kaja Snare about his reactions after the events with Niemann in recent days.

– I can say that some people have said slightly more supportive things to me in private than what they have done in public. I understand that very well, and I really appreciate it, says Carlsen about the messages of support.

WILL NOT MEET AGAIN: The clashes between Magnus Clarsen and Hans Niemann have made big headlines in recent weeks. But they will not meet again in the Julius Baer Generation Cup. Photo: Lennart Ootes

It all started in the worst possible way for Magnus Carlsen. With white pieces, he struggled in the first game against Levon Aronian on Thursday evening. After it first seemed that he had saved himself, there was a big blunder from Carlsen, at a time when he had little time left on the clock.

– It was a roar of dimensions. Completely incomprehensible mistake by Magnus, said TV 2’s chess expert Jon Ludvig Hammer about the mistake, which caused Aronian to win the first game.

But in the next games it was Carlsen who was in command. With white pieces, it was Aronian’s turn to make a roar, early in the second game.

LOSS: Levon Aronian fell short against Magnus Carlsen. Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB

– Scandalously bad by Aronian, was the immediate judgment from Hammer, who later followed up with the following judgment after Carlsen had won the party:

– There was much less drama as a result of Aronian’s miserable game. He was close to losing after twelve moves with white pieces. It is completely unacceptable, especially when you have won with black in the previous game.

In the third game too, Aronian fell behind early on, and when Carlsen decided the game a long way down with a bold pawn move, Hammer was ecstatic.

– Magnus sacrifices his queen. The rascal, he’s so good at chess, exclaimed the chess expert.

The fourth game was even and exciting, but Carlsen defended himself well and after another Aronian blunder, Carlsen also won the fourth game.

The Norwegian thus won 3–1 and is through to Friday’s semi-finals. Carlsen meets Vincent Keymer in the semi-finals.

After securing victory in the group stage on Wednesday, Carlsen spoke to the media for the first time after the Sinquefield Cup.

– Unfortunately, I can’t talk about exactly that, but people can draw their own conclusions, and they definitely have. I must say that I am very impressed with Niemann’s game and I think his mentor, Maxim Dlugy, must have done a very good job, Carlsen told on Wednesday.

The fact that Carlsen singled out Dlugy, who according to NRK’s ​​chess expert Atle Grønn is among them “with the worst reputation”, was seen by many as another jab at Niemann.

– He pours even more fuel on the fire and gives people more to dig into, said Torstein Bae, also a chess expert at NRK, to VG.

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