Sander Berge lifts the veil:

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– It was especially towards the end that it dragged on a lot, says the Asker boy to TV 2.

He talks for the first time about this summer’s transfer window in which he was linked to a number of clubs, both in the Premier League and outside the UK, and which ended with a race on Deadline Day.

Several Premier League clubs tried, as TV 2 mentioned on the last day of the transfer window, to sign Berge on loan with an option or obligation to buy.

According to the local newspaper in Sheffield, The Star, Chelsea were among the clubs that expressed concrete interest in Berge.

Sometimes earlier it was claimed by several English media that Liverpool had the right-wing Norwegian on the block.

– I had my agent (Morten Wivestad) over. There was a lot of activity, says Berge about the activity on the last day of the transfer window.

BRILLIERS: Sander Berge stayed, and the team is in the floating zone: Sheffield United tops the Championship. Photo: Nigel French

Moved out: – Strange

With only hours left in the summer transfer window, he didn’t know if he was going to stay at Sheffield United or head to a Premier League club.

– That was strange. I stayed in a hotel all summer. It was a bit awkward lying in there with three or four half-open suitcases. I moved out in May after those games. I sat there and didn’t quite know what was happening. It has been back and forth, says Berge.

– How was the last day?

– I sat there and didn’t do much. You get drawn into it, but I’m not the one sitting on the phone or talking to other people. I sit there and watch a series or prepare for the next training day. Not much happens for me personally, other than the fact that there is a game going on outside where I am sitting.

He confirms that it got hot in the last few hours.

– There was a lot of interest, concrete interest, you weighed things up a bit, it had to work out for both the club and me, and it didn’t happen. It’s always nice to sit in a position and know that there were clubs that were very interested.

– Could you go to a good Premier League club if you really wanted to?

– Sheffield United is an employer. They are decisive in the greatest possible way there. It never occurred to me that I was sitting with a decision. But it went in at the end.

– What do you want to say about the reports that clubs such as Chelsea and Liverpool are said to have been interested?

– There is nothing negative about clubs of that size being mentioned, but you shouldn’t put too much into it. It can be flared up by very little, and it is not necessarily always right, even if there were big and interesting clubs that were in the picture. Not everything on the internet is true, says Berge.

Answers about Belgium

Club Brugge was, as TV 2 mentioned in August, one of the clubs that worked hardest to secure the Norwegian. The Champions League club submitted several bids during the transfer window.

COMEBACK: Sander Berge has done well in recent international matches after injuries kept him out of the squad for a long time. Photo: Vegard Grøtt / BILDBYRÅN

– Club Brugge were on, as confirmed (by Sheffield United’s coach Paul Heckingbottom). It was a process all summer. But my ambition has always been to play at the highest level. Although they showed a lot of confidence and pushed on during the summer, I always said that I was there (in Belgium) and I was interested in playing at the top level. That was the priority for me, says Berge.

Several clubs from the lower half of the Premier League also showed great interest in him this summer, but after the relegation with Sheffield United a year and a half after the transfer from Genk, Berge was skeptical.

– It was very much in the picture. I’ve been through that situation before. It is difficult to say in the Premier League where there is such tough competition. There are several layers involved in it. There are five, six, seven clubs that can perhaps say every year that they are not in the relegation drama. It swings fast. When you have been through it, you want to get over it and choose a stabilised, good club where you can develop further over time.

In the end, Berge stayed at Sheffield United, who seem to have had strong cards in hand in the battle for promotion to the Premier League.

“The Blades” lead the Championship by five points down to Reading in the first play off place.

– I am very satisfied with being healthy and fast, we are leading the league and have started very well. It’s good to feel that, says Berge ahead of Norway’s crucial Nations League games against Slovenia and Serbia.

And who knows? Perhaps he will change pastures as early as January – a transfer window that comes “faster” than usual considering that the World Cup will be played from November to December.

Saturday from 17.00: Watch Slovenia-Norway on TV 2 Direkte and TV 2 Play.

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