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– I am pleased. I gave everything I had

– I am pleased. I gave everything I had
– I am pleased. I gave everything I had

Portuguese Antonio Morgado gained a gap just before the riders set off on the final lap of the WC course, but was run into by Herzog around 3 kilometers before the finish line. When they reached the finish line in Wollongong, it was the German who drew the longest straw and beat Morgado in a sprint duel.

Norske Nordhagen was part of the group that chased Morgado on the last lap and ended up about a minute behind the leading duo when Herzog brought in the Portuguese.

This resulted in a sprint battle for bronze, but it didn’t quite last for Nordhagen, who ended up in 13th place. Three days earlier he was number 9 on pace.

– I am pleased. I gave everything I had, but I didn’t have a chance in that sprint for third place, says Nordhagen to TV 2 after the finish.

Earlier in the race he was in a small group chasing a breakaway of five riders. On the sixth lap – just over four miles before the finish line – the breakaways had been driven in, but a new and larger tight group quickly formed, before Morgado shook off the competition.

The 135.6 kilometer race consisted of eight laps in a 17 kilometer long loop, with a steep climb up to Mount Pleasant, immediately followed by an equally steep descent about midway through the course. With many tight turns on tarmac that was wet and slippery from the rain that came and went, it was a demanding day on the bike seat for the riders.

Britain’s Joshua Tarling, who won the junior pace competition had to give up after four laps – halfway through the race – after going down on the way down from Mount Pleasant.

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