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Nm, Forest machine | Kristian went all the way to the top:

Nm, Forest machine | Kristian went all the way to the top:
Nm, Forest machine | Kristian went all the way to the top:

Kristian Ryntveit from Gvarv became the Norwegian champion in driving a forest machine (load carrier) last weekend. The competition took place at Hurdagane.

– There were eight registered in the professional class. We had to go through qualifications, where two ended up in the final with five different posts. Some of the competition consisted of loading ten logs onto the machine. It was only allowed to take one stick at a time and the clamp on the machine had to grip around the whole stick. Everything went on time. I spent 6 minutes and 17 seconds and won by only 1/10 of a second. I had not dreamed of becoming a National Championship winner, so this is very nice, says the 32-year-old.


– Were you nervous during the competition?

– I had a little pulse. We competed with Komatsu loaders which I have driven for several years previously.

I think that was an advantage, because the competitors were more used to John Deere, replies Kristian.

TA meets the winner during a break in forestry at Svanstul in Skien. There he uses a John Deere load carrier and for Christmas he gets a new donation from the same brand which is even bigger than today’s machine at 19 tonnes. His assignment is to deliver around 6,000 cubic meters of timber for Løvenskiold, but it could be more, according to the recent NM winner.

The dream

Kristian says that as a 9-year-old he dreamed of becoming a driver of a forest machine. The dream was fulfilled. He has worked with this for 13 years now and a few years ago started his own company with his brother Rolleiv Ryntveit.

– It worked well, but I like to be added. That’s why I sold my part of the company. Afterwards, I worked for, among others, Uvdal Skog in Bø, says Kristian. Now he is employed in Tveitan & Bang Thinningslag in Vestfold. There he started his career as an apprentice, after vocational training at Søve and Kongsberg.

Long days

Kristian does not hide that there is a lot of work at the moment. He is a real morning person and only ends the working day late in the afternoon.

– What is the best thing about the job?

– Being outside and here I am in many ways my own master. Especially on the way to work, I see many different animals, but it also happens that moose appear in the felling field. The job offers risks and no two days are the same. Knock on the table, but I’ve never tipped over.

– Do you ever get bored?

– It happens, but then I go home to charge the battery, replies the satisfied bachelor from Gvarv.

Satisfied boss

Lars Ragnvald Tveitan is the daily manager of Tveitan & Bang Thinning layer.

– Kristian is a good guy. He was so calm during the competition. I think that decided the competition, win

Lars Ragnvald Tveitan, who makes no secret of the fact that the win is good advertising for his company.

The article is in Norwegian

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