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Police, Rough driving | BMW drivers caught racing – were measured at 124 km/h

At 20.13 on Thursday evening, the emergency police lined up along the E39 on the Gjemnes side of the municipal border at Fursetfjellet. They hadn’t been standing there for many minutes before two BMW cars drove past at high speed.

– They probably saw them and drove after them, says operations manager Jens Dahl of the police in Møre og Romsdal, who has not been in direct contact with the UP patrol.

The drivers raced over the mountain, Dahl says. The two men, aged 20 and 18 respectively, were measured at an average speed of 124 km/h. The limit for losing your driving license is 116 km/h in the 80 zone.

– Driving licenses have been seized and both have been reported, says the operations manager.

This is the cost of driving too fast in the 70 and 80 zone

This is the size of the notices when the speed limit on the spot is 70 km/h or higher, and the speed limit is:

  • up to and including 5 km/h: NOK 850
  • up to and including 10 km/h: NOK 2,300
  • up to and including 15 km/h: NOK 3,700
  • up to and including 20 km/h: NOK 5,150
  • up to and including 25 km/h: NOK 7,000
  • up to and including 30 km/h: NOK 9,300
  • up to and including 35 km/h: NOK 11,150

Source: Regulations on simplified submissions in road traffic cases

– It is not a behavior that we want to see on the road, he adds.

The check ended after the two men were caught.

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