The image reveals a reversal – Suddenly everything turned around:

The picture at the top of the case has been used by Dagbladet by the Champions Chess Tour, which organized the FTX Crypto tournament in Miami between 15 August and 21 August.

In a video from the first day of the tournament, a video is shown of several of the athletes enjoying beach life in the American coastal town.

In the video, Carlsen and Niemann, among others, sit around a chessboard on the beach and play a game.

Arne Horvei, tournament manager in the Champions Chess Tour, confirms to Dagbladet that the photo was taken ahead of the tournament, and that both of them took part in a small session to have clips for the broadcasts.

CHESS DRAMA: Chess player Hans Niemann is in trouble after being accused of cheating. Magnus Carlsen chose to withdraw from the tournament where Niemann was an opponent.
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New development

The photo of the two together was thus taken less than a month before the Sinquefield Cup, and a few days later Niemann and Carlsen also played a game during the Miami tournament.

This was just over two weeks before Carlsen retired after losing to the same man.

How could it go from Carlsen tolerating sitting on the beach and promoting chess with Niemann in mid-August, to him withdrawing and refusing to play against him just a month later?

The big change after the Miami tournament causes the American superstar Fabiano Caruana, who is ranked number nine in the world, to react in the podcast C-Squared.

– Magnus was willing to do promo together with Hans in Miami, while now he has blacklisted Hans. Things changed. What happened between Miami and the Sinquefield Cup? he asks in the podcast.

SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED: Says Fabiano Caruana. Photo: NTB
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Caruana is a well-known name for Norwegian chess enthusiasts. In 2018, the American barked together with Carlsen in the WC. The two played twelve draws before Carlsen was merciless and secured the WC title after a tiebreak.

– Great suspicions

Host Cristian Chirilan says in the podcast that there has been speculation that Carlsen was shown something by the team between the two tournaments, and that he made the decision based on that.

Earlier in the podcast, Caruana claims that the Norwegian world number one considered withdrawing from the Sinquefield Cup long before he lost to Niemann. The American was not actually supposed to play the prestigious tournament in St. Louis, but was brought in at the last minute because another player withdrew.

– It is interesting, because there were a few days between the two tournaments. What happened in those days? Nobody knows that. I think that he has been suspicious for a long time, and that something about the first three games in the Sinquefield Cup made him extra suspicious.

Dagbladet has tried to get a comment from Magnus Carlsen’s father and manager Henrik, so far without a reply.

– Kind of funny

Chess expert Torstein Bae the images from the promo video as follows:

– It is clear that the relationship with Hans Niemann exploded rather suddenly, writes Bae to Dagbladet.

He emphasizes that Carlsen lost to Niemann in Miami as well, but that there was no public reaction then.

– In retrospect, one might think it is a bit funny, since the strong reaction is now partly based on cheating which has been known for a long time. The cup was clearly full in St Louis, writes the chess expert.

EXPERT: Torstein Bae. Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB
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-Supports Carlsen

The American grandmaster understands that the Norwegian made the choice he did, but he calls it an emotional decision, which was probably not the right way to solve it.

– This is not a selfish decision, he takes a clear stand for something he believes in. If he is right, he has done something that damages his reputation to help chess. If he is wrong, he has ruined the career of another person. He really believes that something is wrong, says Caruana in the podcast.

Hans Niemann has not responded to Dagbladet’s inquiries.

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