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Haaland becomes Norway’s first football billionaire

Haaland becomes Norway’s first football billionaire
Haaland becomes Norway’s first football billionaire

Kapital, which specializes in business and finance, has estimated what the superstar from Jæren’s fortune is.

They have counted on the money he is contracted to earn over the next five years through Manchester City, as well as sponsorship deals.

At just 22 years old, Haaland is almost on the magazine’s list of Norway’s 400 richest people.

So far, the City star is said to have “earned” NOK 130 million. The money comes from Red Bull Salzburg, Borussia Dortmund and the sponsorship agreement with Nike.

The striker received a solid salary jump when he went to Manchester City this summer. Transition specialist Fabrizio Romano has reported that Haaland earns around NOK 220 million a year over five years.

Kapital estimates that Haaland additionally earns around NOK 150 million a year from personal sponsorship agreements.

Uncertain income, such as any bonuses, is kept out of the calculation. The journal has also deducted an estimated amount for fixed expenses and tax.

A “rough estimate” indicates that Haaland is worth approximately NOK 1.1 billion. He had needed NOK 100 million more to get into Norway’s 400 richest.

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“Never before, as far as Kapital knows, has a Norwegian managed to create such a large fortune in such a short time, and at such a young age. That makes Braut Haaland, by a good margin, Norway’s first football billionaire,” they write.

It has previously been reported that Haaland has purchased a private plane. The gang in the Football round got a surprise when they saw the plane:

Think Haaland earns millions on Instagram

Vegard Arntsen, general manager of the analysis and advisory company Sponsor Insight, states that no other Norwegian athlete comes close to Haaland’s value on the sponsorship market.

– Casper Ruud and Viktor Hovland and them are doing well, but there is something else about football. It is formidable when you are a world star in a world sport of that dimension, Arntsen points out to TV 2.

– Those who deal with the “more Norwegian things”, such as Klæbo and Thingnes Bø, are not as widespread. Then there is less market potential than when you are involved in the biggest sport in the world, he says.

Arntsen believes that Haaland also makes himself more attractive to sponsors off the pitch.

– He has a bit of a cool style, then. He is “laid back” in the comments and is a bit typecast. It is perhaps primarily good that you have your own style, he says.

On Instagram, Haaland has more than 18 million followers. Arntsen does not want to speculate on exactly how much Jærbu earns from a sponsored post, but he is absolutely certain of one thing:

– That it is an amount in the millions is obvious.

Attractive skills

Harry Arne Solberg, professor at NTNU and expert on football economics, is not surprised by Haaland’s enormous value.

– He primarily plays on the pitch. The further forward you play on the pitch, the more popular you become, and the more goals you score, the more popular you become. He has everything there with him, notes Solberg.

He points out that there is no shortage of money at Manchester City either. In addition, the club did not have to spend the huge amount of money in transfer fees on the super striker, due to Haaland’s buyout clause.

– It’s a bit sick to use the word cheap, but they got him below market price. Then there is more that can be spent on wages. That could be a factor, says Solberg, and adds:

– He plays in the world’s most attractive league by a good margin. They bring in by far the most money.


Beyond the contract period with Manchester City, it is naturally impossible to say what Haaland will earn.

If his career were to develop in the worst possible way and, for example, be spoiled by injuries, Arntsen believes that Haaland has already built up a status that will make him attractive to sponsors.

– Of course, many things can happen, but there are many indications of that. He is becoming quite iconic, so it is conceivable, he replies.

For non-sporting reasons, Haaland has received sharp criticism for choosing Manchester City, due to disputed owners.

Arntsen does not believe that it will have a negative impact on the Jærbu on the sponsorship market.

– To be honest, I actually don’t think so.

– It probably doesn’t affect as much as some would like it to, you might say. I actually don’t think so.

The entire overview of Norway’s 400 richest, and more about the billionaires, can be found at

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