Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool | Launches Klopp theory: – There is something jarring

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool | Launches Klopp theory: – There is something jarring
Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool | Launches Klopp theory: – There is something jarring

At the end of January came the shock announcement that Jürgen Klopp is stepping down as Liverpool manager after the season.

The German himself said that he is “beginning to run out of energy” and that he already gave the message to the club’s owners in November.

In the wake of the news, there has nevertheless been much speculation about the departure. Klopp signed a new contract with Liverpool as late as December 2023 and was originally supposed to work as a manager at the club until the summer of 2026.

Enrique: – Something jarring

Former Liverpool back José Enrique is known to have an opinion about many things and has had some thoughts after the Klopp shock.

– I think there are many reasons why he chooses to quit, but many of them we will probably never know. Although he may not agree with me, I still think that it has a lot to do with the club’s owners (Fenway Sports Group), says Enrique according to The Mirror.

– You cannot sign a new contract and then suddenly just leave the club. There is something jarring. There must be something more, he believes.

Among many Liverpool fans, there has long been dissatisfaction with FSG not spending enough money on new players and Enrique speculates whether Klopp is of the same opinion, although the German has never expressed it publicly.

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– There must be something with the owners. He must be tired of constantly performing miracles. He always has to do much more than Manchester City, or for that matter Arsenal, to get what he wants in the transfer windows, says the former Liverpool player.

– I don’t think he’s just tired in general. Why extend the contract then? It simply doesn’t make sense.

Guessing Klopp’s next job

Enrique still does not believe that Klopp will ever give another explanation for the decision.

– The fact that this is happening in the middle of the transfer window is also worth discussing. Klopp must have had another round where he discusses the players he needs to compete. Again, they keep up with all the tournaments, but they haven’t brought in any new ones.

– They lost Joel Matip to injury, but instead of buying someone, they have to use Jarrell Quansah. I think there’s something more behind it, but that’s just my opinion. Obviously he says something else and he knows best the reason for this himself. But it seems very strange.

Enrique feels confident that we have not seen the last of Klopp as a football coach.

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– I think he will end up taking over the German national team sometime in the future, says the Spaniard.

Experts fear a downturn

Several experts Nettavisen has spoken to previously predict that Liverpool will have a tough job replacing the German in the manager’s chair.

Xabi Alonso has been singled out as a favorite for the job, while Roberto De Zerbi and Julian Nagelsmann have also been mentioned.

– The chance of a sporting downturn is of course great. The club now has an extremely important choice to make regarding a successor. So of course there will be uncertainty in relation to that election, but they have plenty of time, and that job will be attractive to many, said TV 2 expert Erik Thorstvedt to Nettavisen recently.

Football expert Petter Veland also believes that Klopp’s exit will be of great importance to Liverpool.

– It will have a lot to say for Liverpool going forward. I’m not going to tease all the United and Arsenal supporters by comparing with Ferguson and Wenger, but no one can talk down the job Klopp has done in Liverpool, he said.

PS Liverpool face Arsenal away to a big game at the Emirates on Sunday afternoon.

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