Magnus Carlsen stumbled to the final: – One of the stupidest things I’ve seen

Magnus Carlsen stumbled to the final: – One of the stupidest things I’ve seen
Magnus Carlsen stumbled to the final: – One of the stupidest things I’ve seen
Magnus Carlsen photographed after the WC gold in blitzkrieg in space Christmas. Photo: Lennart Ootes

(Magnus Carlsen-Vladimir Fedosejev 2–2) Magnus Carlsen (33) had to have armageddon to reach Sunday’s final in the year’s first Champions Chess Tour tournament.


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The world number one won the first game with white – but was likely to lose the second.

– He loses this by his own hand. Fedosejev was actually outplayed, says TV 2 expert Jon Ludvig Hammer – but then have to realize that Carlsen miraculously manages a draw.

Carlsen thus led 1 1/2–1/2 after two games – and could manage with a draw in the last two games. The third game ended in a draw, and in the fourth game Carlsen was well placed to decide.

But it didn’t turn out that way.

– One of the stupidest things I’ve seen, says Hammer after Carlsen loses a pawn.

Carlsen then lost the game in time – and it therefore ended 2–2.

– Disastrous play. It’s amateurish. It is unexperienced by the most experienced player in this field, it is incomprehensible, comments Jon Ludvig Hammer on the TV 2 broadcast.

Carlsen himself shook his head and was clearly disappointed with himself.

Here you can play through the games

– My head wasn’t right there, Carlsen admits to TV 2.

Thus, the settlement had to be decided on armageddon armageddonArmageddon is a way to decide a match. In armageddon, white will be given more time than black, but if black manages a draw, black will win the match.. Carlsen got black pieces there and could therefore settle for a draw to win. Carlsen was apparently in full control, but at the same time had very poor time. It ended in a draw.

– I am primarily annoyed that I played poorly, but I am of course also relieved, says Carlsen to TV 2.

– I would not recommend Magnus to watch this broadcast afterwards, says Maud Rødsmoen in the studio.

Belarusian Denis Lazavik will be Carlsen’s opponent on Sunday.

– He seems very solid, says Carlsen.

Magnus Carlsen plays from Spain, where he has rented a house. He has won all four seasons so far in Champions Chess Tour history. He has gone to the top in 17 of the 32 sub-tournaments. That means he has more wins than everyone else combined.

The tournaments have both a “final” and a “Grand final” where the losers can win. The final takes place on Sunday and the Grand Final on Wednesday – all on TV Sport 2.


Published: 03.02.24 at 20:59

Updated: 03.02.24 at 21:20

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