Mia Hundvin was proposed to on stage:

Mia Hundvin was proposed to on stage:
Mia Hundvin was proposed to on stage:

At the beginning of November last year, TV profile and former handball star Mia Hundvin (46) was surprised and proposed to by her boyfriend Jørgen Høst on stage during the podcast “Må på behandling”‘s live show at Samfundet in Trondheim.

– Okay then, was the answer from Hundvin.

Forgiveness is important

The proposal received a lot of attention in social media and the Norwegian press. But when Se og Hør meets her in connection with the premiere of Else Kåss Furuseth’s new talk show, she can reveal that she has not devoted too much time to wedding planning.

However, she almost panics when Se og Hør’s reporter asks her about the wedding.

– No! No date, nothing. I have nothing, she says quickly.

Turnaround: – No need to save

When asked if she finds it tiring to talk about weddings, she answers honestly:

– Yes. Not because I don’t have any thoughts in my head, but I’m bad at inviting. I’ve been using a fictitious list to get to sleep. To fall asleep, I thought “okay, I’m not counting sheep, I’m counting the guest list”. I did this before I knew in the first place that I was going to get married, because I think it’s quite boring to invite.

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She does point out that she doesn’t think it’s boring to be at a party with the people she’s going to invite, but the planning itself isn’t her thing.

– What was it like to be proposed to so publicly?

– A lovely surprise

– It was silly. It was very silly. And then he has a very narrow hatch, because I’m not very close and romantic. It was mostly his back that I saw. It was in a meaty way in a very cheap matador costume. Let go. We are done with that, she replies, adding:

– That should be fine.

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