Hans Niemann, Magnus Carlsen | Hans Niemann brings a new sting to Magnus Carlsen

Hans Niemann, Magnus Carlsen | Hans Niemann brings a new sting to Magnus Carlsen
Hans Niemann, Magnus Carlsen | Hans Niemann brings a new sting to Magnus Carlsen

Earlier this week, it became known that the controversial grandmaster and chess profile Hans Niemann (20) has now been banned from the St. Louis Chess Club in the USA, allegedly due to bad behaviour.

The 20-year-old is accused by the club of making nasty comments, destroying objects and being uncooperative.

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Niemann is now contesting the decision https://twitter.com/HansMokeNiemann/status/1753772919317021017?t=kuqjO0MmDy2hbMkPABcUlA&s=31, and at the same time sends a few kicks in the direction of Magnus Carlsen. Indeed, Niemann goes forth again and the well-known conflict between himself the Norwegian world champion in blitz and rapid chess, a conflict that raged in the media about a year and a half ago.

“I remember when a player did not fulfill the obligations of his contract and then accused a player of cheating and tried to destroy his entire career as a chess player on the basis of a personal vendetta. Was that player ever punished for all the damage he caused?” writes Niemann https://twitter.com/HansMokeNiemann/status/1753772919317021017?t=kuqjO0MmDy2hbMkPABcUlA&s=31.

– Time to let chess speak

The American continues:

“See you at the American Championship. I will make sure to show my best chess there, considering all the opportunities I have been robbed of. It is time to let chess speak for itself and raise it above all other noise”.

In the first part of his tirade, Niemann refers to the famous dispute he had with Magnus Carlsen in autumn 2022, where Carlsen, among other things, withdrew from a game, after only one move, when they met during an internet tournament.

It happened a couple of weeks after Niemann had beaten Carlsen during the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis. A week after he abruptly withdrew from the aforementioned online match against Niemann, Carlsen announced in a press release that he did not want to play against an opponent who cheats.

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Admitted cheating

Niemann has previously admitted to having cheated during tournaments that take place over the internet, during two different periods when he was respectively 12 and 16 years old. The now 20-year-old Californian has nevertheless claimed that he has never cheated in tournaments where the players meet face to face.

Last year, Carlsen and Niemann apparently buried the hatchet, and entered into an agreement which meant that the two could meet again without the Norwegian boycotting the parties.

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Carlsen then pointed out that a report from Chess.com found no conclusive evidence that Niemann had cheated when he won the duel between them in the Sinquefield Cup.

In retrospect, Niemann has, among other things, described Carlsen as a bully when he was interviewed by the British TV profile Piers Morgan.

Now it also seems that the 20-year-old believes Magnus Carlsen’s behavior during the aforementioned conflict is far worse than what he himself is accused of and banned from the St. Louis Chess Club.

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