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Kilde fell badly in Wengen on 13 January. On Thursday this week, the Norwegian superstar revealed that he is uncertain about the future.

An ugly cut in the calf destroyed several nerves, and it is uncertain both when and how the nerves will regrow.

– It is too early to know if I can drive like before and win races again. For my part, it’s about getting an overview of how long it might take. I sit here with uncertainty as to whether those nerves will return in half a year, a year or two years. I hope it happens as soon as possible, says Kilde to Dagbladet.

Disappointing message

He did not want to speculate more about the future, but pointed out that the most important thing was to be able to live normally again.

That says everything about the seriousness of the situation.

But many have struggled to understand that, explains Kilde.

SHIPPED AWAY: Aleksander Aamodt Source. Photo: NTB
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At the start it was communicated that Kilde had a dislocated shoulder and a cut in his calf. Which was so far completely true.

The only problem was that few knew how serious the cut was, and what consequences it had for Kilde.

The protagonist himself explains that he received several messages from colleagues in the alpine circus. They were looking forward to seeing him back on the ground before long.

That frustrated Kilde, who was in hospital and unsure of his own future.

Recently, the speed phantom felt compelled to post the horror picture of the cut in his calf. There were – to say the least – shocking scenes.


The background was that several people did not understand how serious it was, explains Kilde:

– There were many opinions about the injury. Some were right, others wrong. Something was under-communicated. A dislocated shoulder and a cut in the calf may not sound so bad, but I wanted to show the injury as it actually was, so everyone understands the seriousness, says Kilde.

He continues:

– I wanted to show the truth. I felt like it was communicated in a way that made people come to me and say, “Good, you’ll be back soon.” I know it’s a picture that isn’t for everyone, but sharing the picture put my mind at ease.

GOT A BEAT: Aleksander Aamodt Kilde after the fall in Wengen. Photo: NTB

GOT A BEAT: Aleksander Aamodt Kilde after the fall in Wengen. Photo: NTB
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In the near future, Kilde will receive treatment in Innsbruck, where he lives. The plan is to make good use of the time until June, before he takes a summer holiday in Norway.

Mikaela Shiffrin, Kilde’s girlfriend, is also there at the moment.

Two weeks after Kilde’s ugly fall, his girlfriend Mikaela Shiffrin also went into the safety net during a downhill race in Cortina.

The American star was left motionless in the snow after the toss, but stood upright before being taken away by helicopter.

SUPPORT: Kilde has been very grateful to the alpine star and his girlfriend Mikaela Shiffrin recently. Photo: Private.

SUPPORT: Kilde has been very grateful to the alpine star and his girlfriend Mikaela Shiffrin recently. Photo: Private.
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Fortunately, the fall was not as serious as it might appear at first glance, and Shiffrin’s plan A is to be back in competitive uniform in Soldeu 10-11. February.

It nevertheless frightened Kilde, especially considering what he had just been through:

– I saw the fall from the hospital. It was uncomfortable. It is always unpleasant to see people fall. Extra when it’s one of your closest. When you are in the hospital yourself and have been through it. It was tough. She got through it just fine, thankfully. She’s a badass. She is in good hands, says Kilde to Dagbladet.

He continues:

– This is not where we want to be. We want to fight for victories, but things happen. It’s idiotic that it’s like that, but the positive thing is that we can spend time together.

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