Andrea Zeline Eriksen, Everyone loves David

Andrea Zeline Eriksen, Everyone loves David
Andrea Zeline Eriksen, Everyone loves David

In the TV 2 hit “Everyone loves David”, fans get to follow celebrity manager David Eriksen (56) and his family closely, but not everyone is as happy to share everything about their lives.

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Eriksen’s daughter, Andrea Zeline Eriksen (26), likes to talk about both work and family and her own feelings in the series, but, on the other hand, puts her foot down when it comes to her own love life.

Because while the father has included both boyfriends and breakups in the TV 2 series, the daughter chooses to keep such things private.

– It is very deliberate, says Andrea Eriksen to Nettavisen.

– Have seen enough of it

Eriksen could reveal in the summer of 2022 that she had found love with a currently unknown man.

They are also cohabitants today, but even though the 26-year-old is taking part in one of TV 2’s big TV successes, there is little to indicate that she has a boyfriend in the series. There are also rarely headlines about Eriksen’s relationship – which she says is one of the reasons why she has made the choice to keep it private.

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– I don’t want to be someone who gets headlines like “Andrea Eriksen is single” or “Andrea Eriksen has a new girlfriend”. I’ve seen enough of that with dad, she says, laughing.

– I also feel that we are better together when it is more private and not everyone has anything to do with it, adds Eriksen.

At the same time, she acknowledges that it sometimes has the opposite effect.

– I think people probably think it’s more interesting than it really is because I keep it hidden. That people wonder who this guy is. So it has a bit of an opposite effect at times, but it’s just a private person who wants to be a bit private, she says.

Letting the girlfriend get away

However, the celebrity daughter does not rule out that she might at a later stage want to share more of her boyfriend.

– Everyone who knows me knows who I’m with, so it’s not like I’m hiding him like that. And if we had been engaged or were going to get married or something like that, it might have been unnatural not to share it, she says and continues:

– But now he gets to escape the TV series and Instagram and all that stuff.

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At times, though, she wishes it were different, even though she mostly likes the solution they have.

– It’s a bit awkward if I have a really nice picture of us that I would like to share. And he’s very clear that I can only do it if I want to, but I’m not going to sit here and force him out on social media, so it’s okay, says Eriksen.

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