Master of Masters, Tiril Eckhoff | Doesn’t want to see himself in “Master of Champions”: – Doesn’t come out well


It is said that “all good things come in three”, but this was not the case for Tiril Eckhoff (33) in Friday’s “Master of Masters”.

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She then met in her third night test of this year’s season, and in the end had to see herself beaten by handball player Marit Malm Frafjord (38).

– I was much worse than I thought I would be, says Eckhoff laughingly to Nettavisen.

– Disappointed with own effort

Eckhoff gave up biathlon last year, and thought she was very well prepared before the “Champion of Champions” participation.

The surprise was thus great for the 33-year-old when this turned out not to be the case.

– I thought I was in good shape, but then it turned out that the rest of the people here were much more serious than me. And that I was much worse than I had thought, says Eckhoff.

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– So I am very disappointed with my own efforts. I have been really bad in “Master of Champions”, and I think I have set a personal record in losing the most possible, she adds, laughing.

Due to what she herself describes as a poor effort, Eckhoff is unsure how much she wants to see herself on TV.

– I don’t think I should watch, she shares with a laugh.

Tiring with TV cameras

Although she was not overly satisfied with her own efforts, the 33-year-old initially thrived on the “Master of Masters”.

At the same time, she does not hide that there were certain aspects of the TV recording that were somewhat tiring.

– It was sad to quit, but in a way it was also a bit nice. Because I got so nervous about being involved that it was actually quite tiring. I was very excited and nervous, she recalls.

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– I was also surprised by how intense the “Master of Masters” was with everything that is happening around. Press and interviews and the whole TV bit really – how much reality it actually is.

At the same time, Eckhoff points out that it was naturally somewhat unusual to “always” have cameras on you.

– I will probably never get used to so many cameras, because there was an intense amount of it. I also think there was a bit too much “staging” of things, more than I thought it would be, says the biathlete.

She points out that clips are needed to make TV, and that things take much longer in reality than on the screen.

– Those dinners that look like they are short, they are not short, so the viewers are being deceived. Because we sat there for a long time, she laughs.

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