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Swedish SVT refers to the situation in Norwegian women’s cross country as a “crisis” and Charlotte Kalla wonders why the former stars are not allowed to intervene.

– They have a lot of experience that you can’t read about, which would have been worth a quick introduction to it, says the former skier to the channel.

Want Bjørgen and Johaug back

After Marit Bjørgen and Therese Johaug put their careers on hold, there have been more nations at the top than what you have been used to in the past. Athletes from the USA, Sweden and Germany are among those who have noticed after the sunny ones gave up. For example, American Jessie Diggins is currently leading the World Cup in cross-country skiing.

The discussion surrounding a potential entry for Johaug and Bjørgen started when Nettavisen commentator Torbjörn Nordvall wrote last week that the Norwegian Ski Association should engage the two to give the “crisis-stricken” cross-country women a boost.

Since then, both have confirmed that such a role could be something they would have been interested in. However, no one has been contacted to step in. That makes Kalla react.

She now hopes that the Norwegian national team girls will return to where they have been before – with or without Johaug and Bjørgen’s help.

– It is super tough not to be able to do what you are good at. Because they have capacity. I hope and believe they will come again, she says to SVT.

– Should be used

Cross-country expert Petter Soleng Skinstad is among those who believe that the Norwegian stars should be brought back to give advice and tips to today’s athletes.

– I completely agree that Therese Johaug and Marit Bjørgen should have central roles in Norwegian cross-country skiing in the coming years, provided they themselves want to contribute, he says to Nettavisen.

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However, the expert is clear that he would most like to see Johaug back as a performer, versus her going into another role.

– However, I would like to see Therese as a performer again before she can eventually transition into a coaching role, while Bjørgen should be used as a coach and conversational partner for both coaches and athletes already now, he continues.

Soleng Skinstad hopes to see Johaug both in the WC in Trondheim in 2025 and in the Olympics the following year.

The former cross-country star has even opened up about a role in the national team. She did so in an interview with NRK, where she pointed out that the role requires continuity over time and that it does not work with firefighting.

– I would like to be involved and contribute my knowledge if desired. I have been in the top sport for 15 years and have gained a lot of experience, she stated a short time ago.

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