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“The folk festival that was held during the WC in Oslo was enormous, it will surely not be worse here in Trondheim. It was very tempting”, said Therese Johaug to NRK when she was in the WC city before Christmas.

But, still only she herself, and possibly her closest ones, knows if there will be a “comeback”. And maybe she hasn’t decided yet either.

But, it is said that on some days she trains two sessions. It looks more like a top sports life than mum fitness.

Ernst A. Lersveen

Worked all my life as a journalist/reporter. Started in local newspapers, then ten years in NRK, then 28 years in TV 2. Has worked in skiing in recent years; especially cross-country skiing.

Challenging decision

I met Therese Johaug (35) on a trolley ride with her daughter Kristin in Holmenkollen before the snow came. In our conversation then, we also touched on a possible comeback. At least she hadn’t made up her mind by then, because there was no shortage of questions she wasn’t sure about.

The biggest point of uncertainty is probably:

Why should she spend a year maybe becoming world champion?

Because there is no guarantee of success. She has nothing to prove. She has won everything. Up to several times. Even the WC on home ground in Oslo in 2011.

Is it the desire to relive the victory rush that possibly drives her?

Therese Johaug has become a mother since she gave up. It is nothing new that mothers return. So there is hardly any driving force for Johaug. The changed life situation only makes the decision to invest fully even more demanding.

If she decides to bet, I am convinced that she will be able to become as dedicated as it is necessary to be, in order to succeed. She does not lack willpower.

And she made no secret of the fact that a possible WC bid against Trondheim, without it ending in WC gold, would be a wasted year.

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Reasonably safe

Now I feel fairly certain that if Therese Johaug is in favor of this, then it is almost impossible with her capacity not to win the first 50 kilometers for women in a championship. She is so raw.

Kristin Johaug Hoff is central to the decision about a comeback. Mamma Therese must be convinced that her daughter Kristin will be fine in the coming year if she has to be super selfish.

So Therese is quite dependent on her husband Nils Jakob having the opportunity and willingness to contribute, so that Therese does not suffer from pangs of conscience.

“Having a bad conscience towards the child or that you don’t get to train the way you want was for me the most demanding,” says someone who has tried what Therese Johaug is now considering, namely a comeback as a top athlete after becoming a mother.

It would therefore be interesting to know how many times Therese Johaug has asked herself the question:

Is this important enough?

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