– Of the three, it is Alexander-Arnold’s contract that must be prioritized

– Of the three, it is Alexander-Arnold’s contract that must be prioritized
– Of the three, it is Alexander-Arnold’s contract that must be prioritized

Liverpool have three key players who are in the final 18 months of their contracts. It is captain Virgil van Dijk, top scorer Mohamed Salah and vice-captain Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Van Dijk turns 33 in the summer, Salah turns 32, and Alexander-Arnold turns 26 in the autumn.

There were big reports in the newspapers when van Dijk spoke about his own contract situation after the news that Jürgen Klopp is stepping down as manager. He said he did not know what would happen in the future and with a new contract. Later, he was out and cleaned it up, saying that he was very happy in Liverpool and that the statements were taken out of context, but it still means that it has become a big topic of discussion.

Because as long as the players do not know who will be the sporting director and manager next season, a decision on whether to sign new lucrative contracts will probably have to wait until it is in place, and then the players will be in their last 12 months of their contracts theirs.

– Virgil van Dijk is not the biggest concern, and neither is Mo Salah. It’s Trent Alexander-Arnold, says Jamie Carragher in the program “Stick to Football” with Gary Neville, Ian Wright and Roy Keane.

– It is Trent who is in a hurry, not the others

Carragher believes that only one of the three players is urgent, due to age.

– The three players have 18 months left on their contracts. In 18 months, Virgil will be 34, so that thing about ‘oh, we might lose van Dijk’ – it might be the right decision in 18 months, he says.

– I think the club will look at the situations of Mohamed Salah and Virgil in 12 months’ time, have a conversation about the fact that they have six months left, about how they feel as players. They are obviously both on high salaries, and well deserved. You obviously want to keep them if they keep playing the way they are now, but 18 months is a long time in football.

Alexander-Arnold is a player the Reds absolutely must not lose.

– Trent Alexander-Arnold is the one around whom the team must be built for a new manager to come in, so that is the most important one, says “Carra”.

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