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On a video link from the USA, Carrabre began to talk about his relationship with Besseberg. For many years he worked as a board member of the IBU, where Besseberg was president.

For several weeks, the 77-year-old from Vestfossen has had to both answer for himself and listen to accusations about expensive gifts, prostitutes and his relationship with Russia.

– We had a good relationship. He was president for many years and I thought his work was the best for the sport. He tried to do everything he could to develop the sport, Carrabre said on video link.

BESSEBERG: Anders Besseberg has explained whether Økokrim has brought charges against the former president of the International Biathlon Union. Video: NTB/IBU, Pedersen/Cederblad/Olsen/Vedlog, Dagbladet
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The topic of hunting trips has come up a number of times since the start of the trial on 9 January.

– He was a passionate hunter. He often went on hunting trips when World Cup races and the WC were organized, but I didn’t know anything about who organized them, says Carrabre.

One of the charges relates to prostitutes. According to Økokrim, in 2013 and the period from 2015 to 2018, Besseberg must have accepted offers of prostitutes organized by government officials linked to Russian biathlon, the indictment states. Besseberg himself denies the accusations.

Carrabre spent a lot of time talking about how common it was to see Besseberg with what the American assumed were prostitutes.

– It was a very common scenario that he was offered prostitutes. To me, it was women who seemed like that. I didn’t ask, but it looked like prostitutes. I never challenged him on that, because I thought it was his business. Sometimes they took part in formal events. I thought that was inappropriate, said the former board member of the IBU.

Pulled up

When asked by the prosecutor why he assumed they were prostitutes, the American replied that he did not think anything other than that this was something Besseberg liked – on a par with his passion for hunting.

After the prosecution had asked its questions, Besseberg’s lawyers questioned the American. They wanted to know why Carrabre – who was then a board member – did not raise the issue with the board.

ACCUSED: Anders Besseberg has received much of the credit for making biathlon the sport we know it as today. Here from Anterselva in 2001. Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
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– What do you suggest I should do? Carrabre replied.

– To bring it up. Is this something we can accept, you might ask, if it was really a concern at the time? answered lawyer Christian B. Hjorth.

For 10-12 seconds there was silence on the video link. Hjorth followed up by asking if the silence was to be understood as not having an answer.

– It wasn’t the first time and I thought that prostitutes were Besseberg’s problem, Carrabre finally answered.

Read everything about the trial against Besseberg here.

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