Emil Gukild with a spicy revelation:

Emil Gukild with a spicy revelation:
Emil Gukild with a spicy revelation:

NRK presenter Emil Gukild (32) completed the traditional Marcialonga long-distance race in Italy last weekend.

The seven-mile track is one of the most prestigious cross-country races and forms part of the Ski Classics, which is a series of long races in cross-country skiing.

Amper mood:- Really not pleasant

But at the same time as the professional cross-country runners participate, it is also open for “the man and woman in the street” to test themselves on the trails.

Gukild was one of them.

And the debut was to prove to be a very special test of manhood.

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Went wrong

– Silje and Anders. Sorry for the language here, but I pooped in Marcialonga.

This is how NRK presenter Emil Gukild began Friday’s episode of the NRK podcast “Skiklubben” with Silje Nordnes and cross-country specialist Anders Aukland.

Gukild goes on to say that he began to notice that his stomach wanted a hand in the game after just over five miles.

– I pass 50 kilometers out of 70. I notice that my stomach says: “You’re going to the bathroom, and you’re going to the bathroom now”. I decide to stop taking “gels” and drinking. I thought it’s better to run out of nutrients than to put on shit. I can’t bend down on downhills, I have to stand up straight. After 62 kilometers my sphincter says: “I’m done”. It was absolutely terrible, a laughing 32-year-old tells his companions.

– Was provoked and angry

Reach the finish line

Despite what we must be able to call an unfortunate ending at Marcialonga, a good dose of excrement in the leotard was not going to put an end to the exhausted NRK presenter.

In advance, Gukild talked about a goal of clocking in at three hours and 47 minutes.

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That time would turn out to be smashed by several minutes. The 32-year-old clocked in at 3:41:44.1.

In other words, one should not ignore the fact that he had time for a little dobe search along the way, and at the same time still achieved his own goal.

It was a risk the presenter did not want to take.

– Almost couldn’t walk

– My thought for five miles was that if I’m going to the toilet, the start number will come off, and then the jersey will come off, and that was going to take time. Who knows what will happen when you first open the floodgates here? It happened. I am saved at 62 kilometers to the finish line in Cavalese by the fact that there are a number of fields that smell of cow dung. But I notice when I reach the finish line there that: “This is not good,” concludes the NRK profile.

The race was also won by Norwegians on both the women’s and men’s sides. Emilie Fleten took her fourth victory in a Ski Classics race. Runar Skaug Mathisen from Vinje secured the victory for the men.

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