Here is the squad traveling to Marbella / Brann

Here is the squad traveling to Marbella / Brann
Here is the squad traveling to Marbella / Brann
  • Photo: Marius Simensen/Bildbyrån.

Brann brings the entire A team, in addition to some players from the Brann Academy.

One who is not with from the start is goalkeeper Mathias Dyngeland, who will become a father during the month. Therefore, he only comes down after the birth has been completed. Martin Børsheim (18) and Mathias Klausen (16) are the Brann goalkeepers who are involved, Eirik Holmen Johansen is also involved. His contract with Brann expired at the New Year, but he is coming to Marbella to train while he looks for a new club.

– We have two young talented goalkeepers with us, and we have to be three goalkeepers in training. That’s why Holmen is involved. He knows the group and knows how we train, so we appreciate that he is involved, says Brann coach Eirik Horneland.

Brann also has with him the players who have been injured for a long time.

– We will be away for a long time, and therefore we are taking everyone with us. Community and togetherness are extremely important to our culture, and therefore no one is left at home, says Horneland.

Here is the fire squad:


Mathias Klausen, Martin Børsheim, Eirik Holmen Johansen.

Outfield players:

Svenn Crone, Vegard Hagen, Thore Pedersen, Eivind Helland, Ruben Kristiansen, Fredrik Pallesen Knudsen, Joachim Soltvedt, David Tufekcic, Felix Horn Myhre, Lars Remmem, Sivert Heltne Nilsen, Jesper Eikrem, Niklas Jensen Wassberg, Sander Kartum, Ulrik Mathisen, Magnus Warming, Aune Heggebø, Bård Finne, Ole Didrik Blomberg, Elias Myrlid, Japhet Sery Larsen, Jonas Torsvik, Moonga Simba, Mads Sande, Niklas Castro.

Brann will play three matches at Marbella:

  • Brann – IFK Norrköping, Friday 9 February at 2 p.m. Marbella.
  • Brann–Rosenborg, Friday 16 February at 18.00, Marbella.
  • Brann–Vålerenga, Tuesday 27 February at 4pm. Marbella.

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