Helene Marie Fossesholm can make a comeback during the Norwegian Cup at Nes: Will not think about the World Cup or the national team place

STUDIED THE TRACKS: Helene Marie Fossesholm, here on the competition tracks in the Nes ski resort earlier this week. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

NES (VG) Helene Marie Fossesholm (22) is one of many profiles who have become the image of this season’s big downturn for the Norwegian women’s national team. For the time being, she will not think about or decide on two crucial questions.


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  • Helene Marie Fossesholm (22) postpones her comeback in cross-country skiing due to illness. On Saturday, she was originally supposed to be back on the cross-country track.
  • She hopes to participate in the Norwegian Cup race at Nes on Sunday.
  • She focuses on having fun and finding the joy of skiing again, avoids thinking about performance goals and the future of the national team
  • The Norwegian women’s national team has had a downturn with poor results and illness this season, Fossesholm believes they have been unlucky

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The 22-year-old tested, reconnoitered, went both calmly and pushed a little harder in one of the last training sessions before the planned comeback this weekend.

10 kilometer freestyle and 20 kilometer classic are on the program on Saturday and Sunday during the VG+ Sport-broadcast Norwegian Cup races from Nes.

On Friday evening, Fossesholm announced his cancellation for Saturday’s race due to illness. She hopes to be ready on Sunday.

– So I haven’t forgotten everything. But I just have to try not to have a complete overfire. But I can’t promise anything when I ingest a gel with caffeine in it, Fossesholm told VG before the illness progressed.

READY TO RUN AGAIN: Helene Marie Fossesholm, here in the Nes ski facility, where she will compete again on Saturday and Sunday. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

In the period before the Norwegian national team started the season in November, Fossesholm tried to find the joy of skiing again.

She could be happy with half an hour of running. Maybe zero exercise throughout the day.

– I couldn’t take it that much. I didn’t feel like it that much. I tried to be a little social, to find other things. To kind of… well, forget it a bit.

But slowly but surely she has worked her way up to a good training level. Still, the most important thing is to have fun at the same time.

– I have always been good at burning the candle at both ends. So I try not to do that now.

Fossesholm claims she has no performance target for the intended comeback.

– I’m going to have fun. I can’t do more. But I’m not here to whine. I’m here to ski as fast as possible. That is my goal.

A couple of key questions are also about the future. There are only two months left of the World Cup season.

There is a little more time until the national team management selects the next season’s national team. An important place to be in what will be a WC season.

When VG asks how she views the opportunity and what she thinks about both going to the World Cup and joining a national team after several weak seasons, she answers as follows:

– Nothing for now, actually. The only thing I have to do is go skiing and try to go fast – and – not least: I have to feel good. So I have to take this weekend here first and possibly other things later.

– There are important things you mention here. But it doesn’t help to be stressed about it now. I might as well sit down and study full time if I’m not feeling well. Then I’ll add up at the end and see. Trying to do well, that’s what I get to do.

She is one of two athletes on the national team who have so far not skied this season. Ingvild Flugstad Østberg is the second, as she does not have an approved health certificate.

While the two have been “sitting on the sidelines”, to use a well-worn football expression, the rest of the team has struggled greatly with illness.

The national team profiles have generally struggled to start in the majority of races. The results are weak compared to last year. The criticism has come steadily.

That things that have been done in the women’s national team are now being questioned is something Fossesholm “absolutely understands”.

– If it had only been me in a way, or just a couple of pieces, then it would not have been so visible, says the 22-year-old.

– But I think that we are unlucky in that there are many people who have something to contend with at the same time. I just have to get myself “up and nodding”. That applies to the others as well. Then we obviously talk together, support each other.

– Unlucky…?

– Yes, I think we have simply been unlucky. I’m not going to stand here and criticize, in any case, but I understand that people ask questions. But we are people and not machines, says Fossesholm.


Published: 02.02.24 at 22:49

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