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YOU no need to read the court papers to understand a little more of the drama surrounding teenage Kamila Valieva. It is worth rewinding to the TV images from the last Winter Olympics where the weaver teenager was scolded by his star coach.

Amidst the pressure from his own sensational doping case, the 15-year-old couldn’t take it anymore. She missed the ice in the Olympic final only to be crushed by her closest helper:

Why did you give up, milled Eteri Tutberidze; the powerful coach that the sport had just named the world’s best in training little girls into world stars in figure skating.

But hardly the world wisest.

Because there in the Olympic arena for open camera, the TV viewers from all over the globe were coldly welcomed into the ugliest backroom of international elite sport:

Why did you stop fighting? Explain yourself to me. Why! You gave up after that “Axel”. Why?Tutberidze pressed on when Kamila couldn’t find an answer to what went so wrong on the ice.

Then the slender figure skating girl began to cry. Only then did the coach’s hand come seemingly comfortingly on Kamila’s bent back.

But it was far too late.

The world had long heard and seen how Russian figure skating uses and throws its prodigies.

BELIEVE not that Russian top sport is alone in that:

  • The abuse of children in adult sports hardly knows any national borders.

There are not many other countries other than Norway that have a conscious attitude to the fact that children must be allowed to be children in sports as well.

Ironically, that consideration also provides a possible competitive advantage. Foreign commentators often link Norwegian success in the Winter Olympics to our national children’s sports rules; i.e. the specifically Norwegian ban on extensive competition before the children are over 12 years old.

Owing to Norway

THE special about the Russian sports regime, is that this abuse has no age limit:

  • In Russia, both the most talented children, young people and adults must now perform in sports for Putin.

But still, even he was unable to save his figure skating favorite from a four-year ban.

THEN Kamila two years ago went straight home from the Olympics to Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine, Russia’s ruler assured her that she was safe. According to him, the 15-year-old was not guilty:

Through her work, she has elevated sport to true art. It is impossible to achieve something so perfect by dishonest meansPutin said on national live television as Kamila visited the Kremlin with the other Olympic winners.

Right there, Putin ironically has a point:

  • The verdict against Kamila lacks a court settlement against them adults the russians.

It is difficult for everyone to understand how a 15-year-old could have managed to dope herself on the heart medicine trimetazidine if adults around her had not organized the fraud.

TO usually it is Eteri Tutberidze who controls most of the affairs around Kamila. Ever since the doping news broke in the middle of the Beijing Olympics in February 2022, the nearly 50-year-old coach has played the drama queen in this dark story.

With big facts, Tutberidze has kept the stage and gripped the Russian home audience. Preferably at the expense of the child she trained to a futile Olympic success.

Because it is the coach’s voice that the Russians have heard, not the athlete’s. As in the description of the first interrogation with Kamila after the revelation:

When she was questioned, I said to her: “Kamila, you must tell me immediately what you ate the day before the card programTutberidze explained to sports website championship.com:

She said that some of the volunteer officials had given her ice cream, while the masseuse had given her tea. And then someone had offered her something elserelayed the adult trainer willingly away from the private chat with his little student, and further quoted:

IM serious. Did you eat ice cream and drink tea there? Is this what happened, Kamila?

Putin’s doping coach to the USA

THE COACH asked and asked, but also had the solution ready:

I would have put all the parties in the cases through a lie detector because I want to reveal the truthTutberidze told championat.com:

I want to know where the banned substance came from, what it really is and why. I have so many questions. I will probably never get an answer to themshe continued, concluding:

I guess we’ll have to live with it one way or another.

COACH AND THE DRAMA QUEEN: Most of the focus has been on coach Eteri Tutberidze after Kamila Valieva was exposed during the Olympics in February 2022. Nevertheless, the coach has escaped a legal investigation. An isolated Russia has its own rules. PHOTO: REUTERS/Phil Noble,
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THE apparently doing this star trainer quite well. Even before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) banned Kamila Valieva, Tutberidze was already working on a new child star:

  • The 12-year-old Margarita Bazylyuk has been trained to be so elastic in her body almost since she was born, that the other day she became the Russian champion in jumping with a unique combination of two series of quadruple rotation.

The world has not seen the like.

Blame grandpa

NEVERTHELESS Russian media focused just as much on the fact that the new child star got revenge on Elena Kostyleva with this victory. The two little girls used to train together under Tutberidze, but a couple of years ago things fell apart.

Then Elena was caught off guard by Tutberidze during a training camp, while the then 9-year-old girl took too much yogurt in relation to the prescribed slimming diet. Elena said she was going to get the yogurt for her teammate, but Margarita refused.

The drama in the kitchen in Novogorsk ended with Elena’s mother taking her away from the training group.

Ugly nonsense

HOW the abuse of children in figure skating ends, is more uncertain. After the Olympic scandal with Kamila Valieva, the International Skating Union (ISU) increased the age limit in the Olympics from 15 to 17 years.

Isolated Russia does what it wants. The new tricks of the Russians’ ever-younger stars are met with criticism abroad:

Will her legs even work after thisasked a famous American figure skating blogger after the two iconic jumps of Margarita Bazylyuk.

He thought the exploitation of little girls was abhorrent, but was flatly rejected in Russia:

We know perfectly well what we are doing. We have worked with children for a long timereplied former Olympic champion and Putin supporter Tatyana Tarasova, adding by way of explanation:

America doesn’t have children like us. Ours have been training since they were four, also with strength training.

And that is exactly what child abuse is, both physically and mentally.

Running away from Putin!

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