Ed Westwick in Norway

Ed Westwick in Norway
Ed Westwick in Norway

“Gossip Girl” star Ed Westwick (35) is in Norway, and today visited NRK P3. There he was a guest at StudioP3.

It was a cheerful Westwick who met Se og Hørs reporter on his way out NRK’s ​​premises at Marienlyst.

This is what the “Gossip Girl” stars do today

– How do you like Norway?

– It’s fantastic, I love being here. So beautiful. Everyone is so friendly and kind to us.

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Furthermore, the actor was able to reveal the reason for the visit to Norway.

– I’m here to record music with my band.

– So you’re a musician now?

“Secret” detail arouses attention

– I always have been, but now I have finally found someone who wants me in the band. It’s amazing, he laughed.

Westwick has already been in Norway for a few days, but has not been able to greet the fans, he could say.

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– We have been very busy recording music and music videos. But anyway, a big thank you to Norway for making us feel so welcome here.

In conclusion, the 35-year-old could say that he and the band will stay in Norway for a few more days to record several scenes for a music video.

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But how he did not want to reveal.

– It’s top secret, he smiled slyly.

It was in a post via the story function on Instagram that the actor revealed that he was in this country.

In a video on TikTok, it can also appear that he has visited the Deichmann library in Bjørvika.

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The article is in Norwegian

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