Marie Madeleine Steen: – Norway’s biggest serial scammer is dead


Her birth name was Inger Marie Nerby. On April 20 this year, she was found dead under the name Marie Madeleine Steen.

The 64-year-old was found at the apartment hotel Kasjotten, which was previously a prison, on Skjetten in Lillestrøm municipality.

This is confirmed by the police to Dagbladet.

Called the police

The head of the investigation department of the Lillestrøm police, Per Morten Hvattum, tells Dagbladet that Steen had not been seen for a while when she was found in the room.

– She was found, and we were called. She was an acquaintance of ours.

Here, Norway’s naughtiest woman is picked up by the police

Natural death

Hvattum says that the police were informed that the serial scammer, who was known by many names, checked into the apartment hotel under the name Marie Madeleine Steen.

– An autopsy was decided, and it should be a matter of a natural death, says the section leader.

Lawyer for Marie Madeleine Steen’s survivors confirms to Dagbladet that they are aware of her death.

MANY NAMES: Marie Madeleine Steen used several dozen names when she swindled people all over the Nordic region. Photo: Private
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Stayed there for half a year

Maya Apartments operates Kasjotten.

The manager of Maya Apartments, Kent Brunvoll, confirms to Dagbladet that a dead woman was found on Kasjotten on 20 April.

– We have both short-term and long-term rentals at Kasjotten. She lived in an apartment for long term rent and was found in her room by one of our staff. The police were then notified, Brunvoll tells Dagbladet, and informs that the 64-year-old had lived there for almost half a year.

KASJOTTEN: Skedsmo district prison was completed in 1862. From 1923 to 1975, the building functioned as an asylum for mentally ill women. It was not until 1980 that the old building was converted into a hotel.

KASJOTTEN: Skedsmo district prison was completed in 1862. From 1923 to 1975, the building functioned as an asylum for mentally ill women. It was not until 1980 that the old building was converted into a hotel.
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Active since the 90’s

It was in Nedre Romerike district court in 1992 that the woman from Vestre Toten received her first sentence.

Since then, she has been convicted a number of times at home and abroad for hundreds of frauds and thefts, as well as harassment, extortion – and allegations of sexual extortion.

In Sweden, the woman has been nicknamed «The Nordic region’s biggest fraudster», while in Denmark she has been the main character in the podcast «The woman with the heavy suitcase» in Politiken.

Claims he was tricked by Norwegian serial scammers

After a total of eight convictions in Sweden until 2002, it was for a long time only Norwegian conditions she was convicted of – mainly in Western Norway and in southern Norway.

In the spring of 2017, she was sentenced to one year and eight months in Oslo District Court. One of the oars was made conditional.

Over the years, Steen has pretended to be a midwife, doctor, chief physician, priest, psychologist, parking attendant and author to swindle money.

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Convicted in Denmark

As recently as December 2018, she was sentenced to one and a half years unconditional imprisonment in court in Danish Lyngby.

She was charged with 22 counts of particularly serious fraud and two counts of theft.

The cases lasted from 2014 until she was remanded in custody in July 2018.

Marie Madeleine, then also under the surname Steen, was also sentenced to a twelve-year entry ban to Denmark.

She appealed the verdict on the spot.

Was revealed by Per Sandberg

In the autumn of 2020, she was again active in Norway, and was observed in several places in Vestfold and Telemark, including Stathelle and Sandefjord.

In October of the same year, she tried to defraud Per Sandberg, by claiming that she had inherited 22 million kroner and wanted to share part of the money with the politician and cohabitant Bahareh.

AT THE BAR: Marie Madeleine Steen appeared at Per Sandberg's bar. Photo: Private

AT THE BAR: Marie Madeleine Steen appeared at Per Sandberg’s bar. Photo: Private
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She gave him the name of a lawyer in Halden who was to help with the papers.

Sandberg, who shared the story on Facebook, sensed owls in the moss and confronted the then 62-year-old woman.

– She played well, then, Sandberg told Dagbladet afterwards.

Sandberg was unsure of what Marie Madeleine would really achieve, but he assumed that she would probably have a room for the night.

Marie Madeleine has deceived people for over 26 years. This is how she wins their trust

Dozens of names

Dagbladet has previously published the woman’s many names, which have been registered in court documents:

Inger Marie Nerby (baptismal name), Inger Marie Lärke, Inger Hansen, Marie Madeleine Larsen, Madeleine Johansson, Madeleine Larsen, Maria Hansen, Maria Kristoffersen, Marie Kristoffersen, Maria Larsson, Marie Larsen, Maria Magdalena Selmer, Signe Marie Selmer, Marie Steen, Marie Steen-Larsson, Mary Steen, Mia Hansen, Mia Larsen, Mia Larsson, Mia Olsen, Miriam Steen, Signe Marie Selmer, Vigdis Olsen, Mette Steen, Mia Maria Steen and Maria Safin.

Marie Madeleine Steen was her last name change.

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