On this construction site in Hammerfest, the missing Abdullahi may be buried – NRK Troms and Finnmark

The police have investigated the case extensively. They have kept the possibility open that it has been a voluntary disappearance, an accident, a suicide – or a criminal act.

The latter possibility has been played down until yesterday. Then came the message that the police had started digging in an area outside the sports hall.

  • The police have announced a press conference on the latest developments in the case at 5 p.m. It will be broadcast directly at the top of this article.

Finnmark police district has received assistance from Kripos. Dog handler Bjørn-Cato Hjemsæter and the crime detection dog “Ylvis” began work at the site today.

NRK’s ​​reporter at the scene sees that they are searching a larger area than just the tent that has been set up where the digging is taking place.

Difficult time for the family

Abdullahi Dayib Mohamud was 21 when he was reported missing. If he is alive, he is 23 years old now.

It has been a difficult time for the family.

– I have not lost hope that it will be resolved, that we will get answers. It is very hard not knowing what has happened, says older sister Ruweyda Dayib Mohamud (25).

– I want to find him, whether he is alive or not, says Ruweyda Dayib Mohamud about his brother Abdullahi.

Photo: Christian Kråkenes / NRK

The family did not see Abdullahi at Christmas 2020, and reported it to the police on 5 January.

A surveillance camera at an ATM had captured him at 2.05 pm on the afternoon of 18 December. This is the last confirmed sighting of him.

When Abdullahi first went missing, the police had no concrete evidence that anything criminal had happened.

Abdullahi Dayib Mohamud visited Sparebank1 in Hammerfest on 18 December. This surveillance image is the last known sighting of him.

Photo: The police

They investigated particularly in the harbor basin when the message came from the family.

The TV2 program “Åsted Norge” took up the case in April this year, i.e. almost a year and a half after the disappearance. Two working days later, the police had received a single tip. It came from Hammerfest.

– It is a general tip, which does not take us any further, said investigative leader Bjørn Tore Svendsen to iFinnmark.

Svendsen stated that at the time they were standing on bare ground and had no idea what had happened.

Seven months later, they have thus found grounds for digging in the area. The main hypothesis now is that Abdullahi is exposed to something criminal.

The police in Hammerfest are very vague about what which has led them to believe that there may be something criminal behind the disappearance.

The police started work again at the sports hall in Hammerfest on Thursday.

Photo: Christian Kråkenes / NRK

They also have no suspects or charges so far.

“Based on information we have received, the police have decided to investigate whether there is anything in the ground in a specific area around a newly built sports hall in Hammerfest. We can’t be sure of that, but we also can’t live with the uncertainty of whether he’s lying there,” stated head of tactical investigation Torstein Pettersen in a press release on Wednesday.

This photo taken on 9 January 2021 shows how digging was done on the site of the Hammerfest arena, four days after Abdullahi Dayib Mohamud was reported missing. The picture is published on the Facebook page of the sports hall.

Photo: Hammerfest Arena

Contractors: Impossible to dig by hand

In December 2020, there was a lot of cold weather in Hammerfest. For several periods, temperatures were down to minus 10. Around Christmas Eve there were a few days with plus degrees, before a cold period came again at the end of December.

NRK has spoken to two independent machine contractors who say that it is impossible to dig someone by hand at this time of year in Finnmark.

If someone has hidden a body in the ground in the area, they must have done the job with the help of a machine, the two machine operators believe.

On Wednesday, work began to excavate around the sports hall in Hammerfest.


The family partially informed

Older sister Ruweyda says that she moved from Stavanger to Hammerfest to be close to her brother.

– I will stay here until we find him, she says.

– The police updated me when they had something to say, but it was little. They didn’t know much themselves, she says.

– I found out about the sports hall several days ago. It is not easy to think that your brother may be buried somewhere, that no one knows what happened. But at the same time, I want to find him, whether he’s alive or not. It’s hard, but maybe we can finally find an answer.

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