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Some occupational groups escape the war in Ukraine

Some occupational groups escape the war in Ukraine
Some occupational groups escape the war in Ukraine

IT workers, bankers and journalists who work for state media are among those who may not be called up when Putin mobilizes.

Vladimir Putin held a press conference on Wednesday that Russia is stepping up its efforts in Ukraine. Now it is clear who can skip the summons. Photo: Russian Presidential Press Service / AP

On Friday, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced which groups may not be called up in the “partial mobilisation”.

The exceptions apply to certain IT workers, men who work in telecommunications and financial professionals.

In addition, it applies to individual employees of “systemically important” mass media and some of their suppliers, according to Reuters. The reason these sectors are exempted is to “secure work for specific high-tech industries and financial systems”.

Employers in Russia are considered systemically important if they meet certain requirements regarding the number of employees, turnover and tax payments.

The Ministry of Defense is asking employers to submit a list of employees who meet the criteria, according to the BBC.

Previously, it was known that employees in the arms industry, students, the sick and the elderly should not be called up, according to a decree from the Kremlin.

Don’t know exactly how many

Earlier in the week, it became clear that there are around 300,000 Russians who will now be called up for the war in Ukraine. In what the authorities call a “partial mobilization”.

Ideally, Putin wants veterans with defense experience.

“Partial mobilization” is not the same as full mobilization, where the entire population is made ready for war.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday that he could not reveal the total number of Russians who could be called up.

After the announcement of the mobilization came on Wednesday, one-way tickets out of Russia began to sell out. On Wednesday, a ticket to Istanbul or Dubai cost up to NOK 93,000.

In the south, mile-long queues have formed at the border crossing between Russia and Georgia. Some try to bypass the queues by walking or cycling.

There was also a queue at the border with Finland to get out of Russia. The picture was taken on Friday afternoon. Photo: LEHTIKUVA / Reuters

Have tried recruitment campaigns

Since April, the Kremlin has been trying to recruit “Volunteers” in a series of recruitment campaigns. They are offered sky-high salaries. It has been unsuccessful. Pensioners, civilians and prisoners are sent straight to the front.

In the two-and-a-half-minute speech Putin sent on Wednesday, he mentioned the word “war” twice. But he still calls the invasion a “special military operation”.

He also emphasized that Russia has “plenty of weapons to respond”, including nuclear weapons.

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