The mass shooting in Oslo, Oslo | Sources for Nettavisen: Arfan Bhatti wanted for the Oslo terror attack

POLITIHUSET PÅ GRØNLAND (Nettavisen): At a press conference on Friday morning, it emerged that the police have charged a new man in the case.

– There is a Norwegian citizen in his 40s who the police are familiar with from the past. He is currently wanted internationally, charged with complicity in terrorism, says police attorney Børge Enoksen to Nettavisen.

The police do not want to reveal the identity of the person in question.

Arfan Bhatti charged

Sources tell Nettavisen that it is Arfan Bhatti who is wanted for the terror in Oslo. Last sure trace of Bhatti is said to be from Pakistan.

Police attorney Enoksen says Norwegian police have good cooperation with foreign authorities and have the hope that the accused will eventually be able to be apprehended and extradited to Norway, but he does not want to say which country the accused is in.

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Bhatti’s passport expired this summer, but he was able to renew it. PST contributed to the process of renewing his Norwegian passport. But Bhatti still did not return to Norway in August, as was the case at the time, Nettavisen is informed.

– A few weeks ago he was at the embassy, ​​and collected his new Norwegian passport, Elden tells Dagbladet.

Arfan Qadeer Bhatti

* 45-year-old Norwegian citizen with a Pakistani background.

* Former member of the criminal gang Young Guns in Oslo.

* Convicted in 1997 for stabbing a shop owner, the following year for shooting a person during a torpedo mission.

* Also convicted of threats and blackmail.

* After being released from prison in 2002, he came out as an Islamist.

* In 2008, convicted of complicity in damage to the synagogue in Oslo, but acquitted of the charge of planning terror against the US and Israeli embassies.

* Traveled to Pakistan at the end of 2012 and was reported missing by his family in January 2013. The following autumn he was arrested and imprisoned in Pakistan, but was released again in August 2014.

* Voluntarily returned to Norway in January 2015. Arrested on arrival and charged with violence against his ex-wife and the two eldest children aged six and eight. The police did not succeed in remanding.

* On 25 March 2015, sentenced to ten months’ imprisonment in the Oslo District Court for beating the children in connection with Koran reading in 2012. Four months have been suspended.

* On 8 January 2016, sentenced to 14 days in prison in Oslo District Court for throwing or pushing his wife against the edge of the bed so that she suffered severe pain in her ribs. Bhatti appealed, but the appeal was rejected by the Supreme Court in April 2018.

* Alleged to have posted two photos on his Facebook profile in June 2022, one of which contained quotes calling for the murder of homosexuals. Earlier in the year, he is said to have been in the same car as Zaniar Matapour, now accused of terrorism, who was behind the shooting outside the London pub in Oslo this summer where two men lost their lives, in connection with a SIAN demonstration.

* The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) and the Oslo police must be aware that there was contact between terrorist suspects Matapour and Bhatti in 2015.

Source: NTB/Nettavisen

New defender

Arfan Bhatti asks that lawyer Svein Holden be appointed as a defense attorney after the police have wanted him for complicity in terrorist acts in Oslo, reports TV 2.

– I am now awaiting an appointment from the Oslo district court, and I have no further comments on the matter, he says.

Lawyer John Christian Elden has for many years represented Bhatti, but as Elden has already been appointed as the defender for co-accused Zaniar Matapour in the case, the lawyer cannot also represent Bhatti’s interests, writes Dagbladet.

– The police have the address

– Are the police concerned that the accused will be able to contribute to more acts of terrorism?

– He is charged with complicity in the shooting in Oslo, beyond that I have no comment for fear of further attacks, says Enoksen.

To Nettavisen, Enoksen says that the police’s hypothesis that the shooting in Oslo was committed with terrorist intent has been strengthened.

John Christian Elden, who has previously been Bhatti’s lawyer, tells Nettavisen that Bhatti is not aware that he is wanted.

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– The police have his address in Pakistan, and he has been to the Norwegian embassy there several times after the shooting in Oslo in June. He has no reason to believe that he is charged, but if he is, he will have to get his own lawyer in this case, as I am assisting Matapour, says Elden.

– I can confirm that PST is assisting the Oslo police district in the case, says senior adviser in PST, Martin Bernsen, to Nettavisen.

In an interrogation with the secret police in Pakistan on July 20, Bhatti is said to have been asked specific questions about the knife that was seized, when he was sitting in a car with Matapour, and they were going to a counter-demonstration at Stovner against SIAN (Stop the Islamization of Norway). this winter, according to Dagbladet.

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Long criminal history

On 25 June this summer, two people were killed after a shooting at the pubs Per på kørket and London pub. Zaniar Matapour is charged with having committed murder and attempted murder with terrorist intent after shooting at the guests at the two nightclubs.

Already in July it became known that there had been contact between Bhatti and Matapour. On 22 April, Arfan Bhatti was arrested by the police while he was sitting in a car at Stovner. Also in the car was the killer after the Oslo shooting on the night of 25 June, Zaniar Matapour.

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In 2009, Bhatti was convicted of complicity in shooting at the Jewish synagogue in Oslo. At the time, he was acquitted of terrorism charges, but was sentenced to eight years in custody for having contributed to the act. It was not Bhatti himself who shot, but the court believed that he had played a central role before the attack.

At the time, Bhatti was also convicted of attempted murder, because he was behind the shooting at the house of a financier in Kolsås.

Weapon case

On 16 May 2017, Bhatti was also arrested in a weapons case. The police in Oslo insisted on bringing charges, but the case was dropped by the Oslo state prosecutor’s office and Bhatti was thus acquitted. Bhatti was charged with illegal acquisition of weapons. One of the weapons seized in that case is of the same type as the submachine guns Matapour had during the mass shooting in Oslo in June, Nettavisen is informed. Another man was later convicted in a guilty plea in the 2017 gun case.

Norway does not have an extradition agreement with Pakistan, but the police in Norway have good cooperation with the Pakistani police and have worked together several times on Norwegian criminal cases, including a triple murder case from 2013 that took place in Pakistan. The murder was ordered by a Norwegian-Pakistani couple in Oslo. In that case, the Norwegian-Pakistani couple were eventually sentenced to long prison sentences for honor killing together with a man living in Østfold.

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Hate crime

One of the theories the police are working with is that the shooting was a hate crime aimed at gay people.

On Monday this week, Oslo District Court decided to remand Matapour for four new weeks.

In the ruling, the Oslo District Court points out that there is still much investigation to be done in the case, and that an important part of the investigation is to investigate Matapour’s intentions.

“The police must, among other things, investigate how the accused has acquired weapons, who he has had contact with and what may be the cause and motive for the act”, writes the district court.

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Refused to explain

Matapour has so far refused to explain himself to the police. He has been forcibly admitted to the regional security post at Haukeland University Hospital for judicial observation, writes NTB. This observation aims to determine whether Matapour was sane when he fired.

One of the theories the police are working on is that the shooting was a hate crime aimed at gay people.

Two people were killed and 21 injured when the 43-year-old opened fire on two pubs in the center of Oslo, the London Pub, which is a nightclub with many guests from the gay community, and the bar Per på Hjørnet.

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