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Nepomnyashchij, or simply “Nepo”, is the latest chess leader to take the blade out of his mouth and speak out about the issue that has affected the chess community in recent weeks.

In a podcast, the Russian now opens up about his views on cheating suspect Hans Niemann, and gives his full support to Magnus Carlsen.

Nepomnjashchij reveals that he has long been critical of Niemann, and that he warned against the American even before the major Sinquefield Cup tournament – where Carlsen withdrew after the meeting with Niemann.

– Unfortunately, Rapport (Richárd, chess player) could not make it to the USA, for logistical reasons. He was replaced by Niemann, and I don’t think I was alone in being dissatisfied with the replacement. I knew things could go wrong, says “Nepo” in the podcast.

RIVAL: Nepomnjashchij and Carlsen from last year’s WC match.

Photo: Kamran Jebreili / AP


When the Russian heard about the replacement, wrinkles quickly appeared on his forehead. He claims a notice was sent to the organizer of the big tournament in St. Lois.

– When I got the message that Niemann was to replace him, I asked the organizer to put in extra measures to make the tournament safer and cleaner. But none of this was done until after Magnus withdrew, reveal Carlsen’s former WC opponents.

NRK’s ​​chess expert Torstein Bae believes the Russian’s statements underline the concerns many others have.

The signal from Nepo is very clear. Here it is not just Magnus, but others in the elite who have a serious suspicion of Niemann.

EXPERT: Bae believes that “Nepo” substantiates the concerns.

Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB

He underlines that Nepo was absolutely right to notify an organizer if cheating is suspected.

What he does is the usual procedure – to take it up with the organizer and recommend measures. Many feel that this should be Magnus’ course of action – contribute to increasingly stronger measures.

– Very strange

“Nepo” acknowledges that he knows too little, and has too little experience with cheating methods. Nevertheless, he is very skeptical of Niemann and his past history of cheating.

I cannot come to any conclusions. This is very strange and not something I have experienced. I have never seen it before, he says.

Niemann has previously admitted to having cheated on two occasions as a 12- and 16-year-old, but denies that he did it after that – also in a meeting with Carlsen.

Several have also given their support to the 19-year-old. A number of chess profiles have stated that Magnus Carlsen must come up with his explanation in order not to lose credibility. World Cup-ready “Nepo” is also concerned that the truth should come out.

So far, my concerns are realistic, it seems. But it would be very, very unfortunate if we ruined the career and life of an innocent person because of this paranoia.

NRK has tried to get in touch with Hans Niemann, but so far without success.

UNKNOWN: Is Niemann cheating? That is the question the chess world has asked itself in recent weeks.

Photo: NRK/AFP

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