Norwegian politics, Politics | Israel’s prime minister wants a Palestinian state – Huitfeldt made the call

The majority of Israel’s citizens want a two-state solution, he stated in his speech to the UN General Assembly on Thursday.

– I am one of them, said the Prime Minister.

But a Palestinian state cannot “become another terror base,” he stated, adding that Israel wants to live in peace and security.

Lapid also addressed the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. He offers the Gaza Strip economic reconstruction.

– But we set one condition for that: Stop firing rockets at our children. Lay down your weapons, Lapid said.

He said Israel wants peace with the entire Arab world.

– Peace is not a compromise. It is the bravest decision we can make, said Lapid.

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Warning about nuclear weapons

At the same time, he warned of the dangers if Iran gains access to nuclear weapons.

– The only way to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons is by presenting a credible military threat. Only then can a more comprehensive and stronger nuclear agreement with Iran be subject to negotiations, Lapid said.

– It must be clear to Iran that if the country continues its nuclear program, the world will not respond with words, but with military force, Lapid continued.

Make an invitation

At the UN’s high-level week, Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt (Ap) chaired the donor country meeting for Palestine. She asked the parties to work for a political “horizon for peace”.

Huitfeldt says the situation in the West Bank and Gaza is very demanding, with ongoing unrest in recent months.

– Many human lives have been lost. This is a consequence of the fact that there has not been a real peace process for eight years, says the foreign minister in a press release.

At Thursday’s meeting, the donor countries urged the Israelis and Palestinians to “take steps to create a political horizon for peace”.

– It is urgent and absolutely necessary to realize the two-state solution and improve the situation for the Palestinian population. For every year that passes without a political process between the parties, the possibility of a two-state solution weakens, says Huitfeldt.

At the same time, she highlights progress in the practical cooperation since the donor country group met in May. It includes increased trade with Gaza and between the West Bank and Jordan, more Israeli work permits for Palestinians from Gaza and electronic payment of wages to Palestinians working in Israel. She also says that the Palestinian authorities are working on reforms in several areas, but that there are also areas where there is no progress.

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