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News, Halden | Bahareh Letnes elected to the party list: – She has made a brave choice

News, Halden | Bahareh Letnes elected to the party list: – She has made a brave choice
News, Halden | Bahareh Letnes elected to the party list: – She has made a brave choice

[Nettavisen] Recently, Østfold’s Venstre list for the county council election was published. Bahareh Letnes (32)’s name is listed in 24th place.

Letnes moved to Halden in 2019 and to Halden residents she is known as the owner of Grand Bar together with her partner Per Sandberg, who also has a long political career behind her.

Letnes tells Nettavisen that she has been active in local politics in Halden for a long time, and that the decision to stand on the Liberal list came after she received a request from someone in the local team

– What made the election fall on this particular party?

– I considered various parties, but my liberal values ​​were absolutely decisive in choosing a party. Then the Left became a natural choice.

Sandberg: – A brave choice

Former fisheries minister and current cohabitant Per Sandberg (62) is one of the Progress Party’s most high-profile politicians of all time.

He comments on his girlfriend’s choice as follows:

– I think Bahareh has made a brave choice, she has at least chosen a liberal line, although I have my opinions about the Liberals’ clear or unclear line here, says Sandberg to Nettavisen.

The couple regularly discuss politics with each other.

– Will there be a lot of political talk around the dinner table at home?

– Yes of course. We have long and good political discussions together. A lot goes on in foreign policy, Letnes admits.

These are the core issues

Letnes has no doubts about which issues she will work on to gain traction now that she has been selected for the list.

– I want to work to ensure that small and large businesses have the best possible living conditions. In addition, I want to reduce the public sector and put the individual’s freedom of choice at the centre.

Earlier this year, the couple could reveal that they were going to start a new bar project after the success of the Grand Bar in Halden. This time, however, they were to start up in another Østfold town, namely idyllic Fredrikstad.

But the new bar was still empty this summer when Nettavisen visited. The renovation project, which cost Sandberg several million kroner, was delayed due to the war in Ukraine and a lack of workers in the industry, Sandberg said in July.

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