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The city is portrayed as hell

Burning churches, sinkholes and zombies. You might think it was a dystopian action-horror sci-fi film with The Rock somewhere in the cast, but that is not the case.

That’s the mention the small Swedish town of Borås is getting on TikTok these days. The city is presented as a veritable hell on earth.

“The Vikings”

The slightly bizarre trend has received a real viral treatment, and the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet writes that the subject peg Borås has now recorded more than 180 million video views.

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As mentioned, the trend is to present Borås as an unappealing place with fake videos and pictures as a tool.

Avisa has also been in contact with a 15-year-old they say is behind the somewhat unusual smear campaign. His name is Svante, for the record.

– I decided to take voices from a cool person on Youtube called Håkan Lundström and darken his voice. I don’t care, but it’s cool to have had so many views, he says.

Because the aforementioned Lundström has also been given an unintended role in this latest chapter of the Internet’s curiosities.

Almost every single one of the roughly 8,000 videos with similar themes has Lundström’s voice as a backdrop. The song played is “Hälften så kär” – originally performed by the Norwegian friends in Vikingarna.

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For counterattack

It is not known whether the fictional and dystopian Borås motifs have actually done anything to people’s impression of the city. Nevertheless, city director Svante Stomberg is taking no chances.

He has chosen to counterattack, and he has chosen the same form, the same medium and the same soundscape.

In a TikTok video, Stomberg strikes back, posing in front of a number of the city’s sights. So far, the clip has received around 13,000 likes, and has been viewed around 140,000 times.

– I don’t think it was intended to run a smear campaign against Borås. The cliffs are taken completely out of context, and have nothing to do with the city, he says according to Göteborgs-Posten, and is careful to welcome everyone to see with their own eyes.

It may look as if he is right about that. If we are to believe his namesake Svante (15), it could just as well have spread to some other Swedish cities.

– I think they should take it easy. This is obviously just a joke. I’ve never been there and I considered both Borlänge and Bollnäs instead.

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