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Solbakken defended Haaland again: – Out of proportion

Solbakken defended Haaland again: – Out of proportion
Solbakken defended Haaland again: – Out of proportion

– It’s not like he should be spared that type of question, not that he shouldn’t be able to answer it, but I think part of what is in that direction there is quite out of proportion, Solbakken said on Thursday.

He actually only met the media to give a status report on Martin Ødegaard, but received several new questions about Haaland.

At Wednesday’s press conference, the striker was confronted with the fact that the City owners are accused of sports laundering and gross violations of human rights. Haaland replied that he could not say anything about such “strong accusations” and justified the choice of club with the opportunity for sporting development.

Solbakken repeated that questions about Haaland’s choice of club are justified.

– What is not justified is that Erling Braut Haaland should be held accountable, be the first debater or stand up for a huge political issue. By virtue of who he is, he is of course super interesting, but for me it will be a bit “overkill”, said the national team manager.

Far x 11 down

– There is a huge business community, there are authorities and an international community. If you’re going to go over all of this, it’s not Erling who should be the starting point when we set the lines for who is responsible. He is far, far, far, far (11 times) down that ladder.

The teammates also defend Haaland against the criticism. Social worker Morten Thorsby is one of them.

– There are many others who should look in the mirror before Erling. My favorite thing is that we players should use our voices more because we have such great influence. This also applies to Erling, but at the same time it is difficult to have an opinion on large, complicated topics, and it is also up to each individual what they want to do, he said.

– I think it is completely wrong to criticize his choice of club.

Something completely different

Solbakken already made it clear at Wednesday’s press conference that he thinks it is wrong to target Haaland.

– If individuals are to be responsible for major political issues, it becomes unclear and more or less impossible to live a normal life, he said and emphasized that Haaland’s contract with City is something completely different from Mathias Normann’s club choice, which makes him irrelevant for national team play.

– City is in the Premier League and in a European community. It is something completely different from Normann, who chooses a club (Dinamo Moscow) in a country that has attacked another country and is hit by a European boycott. I think there is a very, very big difference.

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