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Explosion in Stockholm – evacuate – VG

Explosion in Stockholm – evacuate – VG
Explosion in Stockholm – evacuate – VG
MAJOR POLICE EFFORT: The police have cordoned off an area and are investigating the area around the stairwell where the destruction has occurred. Photo: Niklas Svahn/TT

The police are in place with large resources in Huvudsta in Solna municipality north of Stockholm.


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In Sweden, the police have received many calls from people who allegedly heard a loud bang at an apartment building in Solna municipality, writes Expressen. The police confirm to SVT that an explosion has occurred.

Daniel Wikdahl at the Stockholm police tells VG that no injuries have been found so far.

– But the search is still ongoing, he says at 23.55.

– We have evacuated people in the stairwell, and we are continuously assessing whether we also have to evacuate nearby staircases.

He says there is extensive damage to the house, but the police cannot determine whether a bomb has exploded.

– We do not know what has happened, but we suspect that something criminal has happened.

Wikdahl says the police are on the scene with large resources and are questioning witnesses who may have seen something.

– It will take time to structure the efforts on site.

The police are also looking for any surveillance images that may help solve the case.

Active searches are underway in areas to make sure there are no more dangerous objects, according to the newspaper.

Expressen has been in contact with residents in the area, and according to one of them, the whole house should have shaken and there should be extensive damage to the building.

– All the neighbors came out and stood on the balconies, says the resident to Expressen.

No injuries have been reported so far.

About fifty emergency calls were made and the bang could be heard over large parts of the area north of Stockholm.

Huvudsta is located northwest of Vasastaden in central Stockholm.

The article is in Norwegian

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