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Climate and environment, Coca Cola

What was supposed to be a happy post on Facebook, where soft drink giant Coca Cola launched its new cork solution, ended up with a number of comments where Coca-Cola almost had to start putting out the fire.

The innovation that people are responding to is a cork that sticks to the bottle, unlike what they have done in the past. The cap is similar to the plastic screw caps that you are used to. The difference is that this screw cap is fixed in the ring that sits around the neck of the bottle. This is to avoid the cork being lost in nature.

– These new caps must be one of the worst ideas you’ve had since New Coke, right? I always deposit with a cork anyway, but this was so far behind the mark that I am tempted to tear off the cork in protest before I deposit the bottles, comments one.

– This must be one of the worst ideas you’ve ever had. Total python, writes another.

The measure is being taken to reduce soda caps that are lost or thrown into nature.

– We have already made this change in England and Germany, says Inger Marie Ingdahl, communications director at Coca Cola Norway.

– How has this been received in the other two countries?

– We see that the feedback in Norway is quite similar to that in other countries, but it is still a short time since we made the change. This is a bit unusual now at the start, but we still find that the vast majority of people understand why this is done and think it is a good environmental measure

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– Dust proposal

The new caps do not only apply to Coca-Cola. By 2024, the EU requires that all caps on disposable bottles have a fixed cap. It was adopted in an EU directive.

The fact that the EU will decide on the soft drink caps in Norway makes FRP politician Bård Hoksrud, who is a well-known soft drink fan, angry.

– What provokes me is that companies are not allowed to decide for themselves about their soda caps. That the bureaucrats in Brussels should decide on this goes against the spinal cord reflex of an FRP member, says Hoksrud to Nettavisen.

He points out that Norway is a pioneering nation in pawning, which is a Norwegian invention from the Asker company Tomra.

– This whole thing is going to be very silly. Can’t the EU rather look at Norway and our pledge and learn from it, rather than come up with stupid proposals like this? This is bureaucracy at its worst, rages the Storting politician.

He adds that he does not have specific figures on how much waste soda caps represent.

– From personal experience, I never lose the cork. It is very impractical to walk with an open soda bottle in your pocket.

– Cuts

Several of Coca-Cola’s consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the cork. Several people complain that they cut themselves.

– This was the worst, most painful shit I’ve come across in a long time. Painful enough that I’m looking up Coca Cola here to post it. Sharp, has cut me several times already, is far too small to get any grip, writes one on Facebook.

Inger Marie Ingdahl at Coca-Cola says they are taking the input to heart.

– The cork that is out now has been developed and thoroughly tested over time in several markets, but we will of course take the feedback that comes in on board.

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The article is in Norwegian

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