The orienteer Audun Heimdal has died

The orienteer Audun Heimdal has died
The orienteer Audun Heimdal has died

The orienteer Audun Heimdal fell asleep quietly with his family around him on Saturday. He lived to be 25 years old.

The Norwegian Orienteering Association informs about Heimdal’s passing in a press release on Sunday.

Heimdal was a national team runner in both orienteering and ski orienteering. He passed away after a long illness.

Despite his young age, Heimdal had an impressive career with WC gold in ski orienteering and WC silver in orienteering, as well as a double-digit number of NM gold on his merit list.

Just under a year ago, he was in a separate class during the NM week in orienteering. There he won the intermediate distance by two minutes, before winning the relay the next day for another gold.

– With Audun, Norwegian orienteering has lost a fantastic athlete and person. Audun was not the one who shouted the loudest or took up the most space, but with his demeanor he has been a great role model for those around him. Both in the club Konnerud, where he grew up, and now in recent years in NTNUI and on the national teams, says president of the Norwegian Orienteering Association, Leif Størmer, in a statement.

– Audun has meant a lot to many people, and he will be sorely missed, he continues.

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