Fatal accident in Trondheim after a police chase

THE SCENE OF THE ACCIDENT: VG has skidded the motorcycle and belongings lying on the ground. Photo: Bertil Lernæs

The driver of a motorcycle died in Trondheim after driving off the road.

Monday 13 May at 16:15

It was the police in Trøndelag who themselves reported the accident at 12.45. The male driver was then confirmed dead at the scene.

– Because of the motorcyclist’s traffic behaviour, the police became aware of the driver ahead of the accident. Therefore, the Bureau for Police Affairs is routinely notified of the incident, and it is up to the Bureau to assess the course of the accident, says a press release from the police.

In a press release, the Bureau writes that they were notified by the Trøndelag police district that they had followed a motorcyclist in Trondheim.

– After that, the motorcyclist had driven off the road some time later, and shortly afterwards was declared dead on the spot by health personnel, writes the Bureau.

The police and the accident team from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration carry out investigations at the scene. VG has skidded the motorcycle and belongings lying on the ground. Photo: Bertil Lernæs

They specify that the Bureau starts an investigation when someone dies or is seriously injured in traffic in connection with the police’s official actions.

– Such an investigation must take place even if there is no reason to suspect that a criminal offense has occurred. The purpose of the investigation is to shed light on whether the police have done anything criminal in connection with the possible pursuit of the motorcycle and the specific circumstances of the police’s performance of duty in this connection, writes the Bureau.

Photo: Bertil Lernæs

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