Wind chaos in Trondheim: – Is a rush


A yellow danger warning has been issued for snow in large parts of Vestland, Rogaland and Agder, which could mean difficult driving conditions. Wind and lightning are reported in Trøndelag.

The 110 central in Midt Norway did not have time to finish the call before they had to hang up when VG called.

– There is a rush of things. We have several ongoing events that are wind-related. Roof tiles that fly, small buildings that move, trees and things that fall. It’s busy, says the person at the 110 center who doesn’t have time to say his name.

Since 12 noon, the fire service has had 25 different ongoing incidents related to wind.

The police also talk about a busy day.

– There is a lot of wind and weather. Fortunately, life and health have not been lost so far, says operations manager Svein Erik Wagnild.

He also has a clear appeal to the citizens, an appeal most people in Norway have received in recent weeks.

– Stay indoors, don’t challenge the weather. It is windy all over the county, especially in Trondheim and further north.

EVERYTHING IS BLOWING: Stay at home, is the clear call from the police. Road users leave their cars on the E6 in Verdal to clear the E6 of trees. Photo: Nina Beate Solberg Susegg


It is not just Trøndelag that will feel the forces of the weather on Saturday. Vegtrafikksentralen reports that absolutely all mountain passes in southern Norway are closed.

  • E16 Filefjell: Temporarily closed due to stormy weather
  • Fv 50 Hol-Aurland: Closed
  • Rv 7 Hardangervidda: Closed
  • Rv 52 Hemsedalsfjellet: Closed
  • Rv 13 Vikafjellet: Closed
  • R15 Strynefjellet: Closed
  • E134 Haukelifjell: Closed

“On Saturday and Sunday, a lot of snow is expected locally, 25-50 centimetres, over approximately 300 metres. Locally in the mountains there may be more,” says the warning for Vestland, Rogaland and Agder.

– There are strong onshore winds, so the showers travel far inland. The most snow will be in the middle and inner regions, says on-duty meteorologist Anne Solveig Andersen to Bergens Tidende.

The meteorologists warn of difficult driving conditions and ask people to calculate extra time on the road, writes Fædrelandsvennen. Preparedness needs are assessed continuously.

The warning for snow applies to Voss, Stryn, Åndalsnes, Sirdal, Hovden and Sauda, ​​among others.

Bad driving conditions and risk of avalanches

The risk of landslides is also greatest when there is a lot of rainfall.

The areas from Sunnmøre, Nordmøre, Trøndelag and up to the Helgeland coast are particularly vulnerable. Most of the mountain passes in southern and western Norway are closed or have convoy driving.

– These are some of the larger stretches of road and traffic lanes, it is not an exhaustive list, says head of traffic management and emergency preparedness Nils Karbø in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration in a press release.

– There are several closed roads and mountain passes that are closed, so always check before you travel, and remember to drive according to the conditions and bring warm clothes and provisions in case something should happen, he says.

Danger of lightning

The weather is still worst further north.

In Trøndelag and Helgeland, very strong gusts of wind and snow are expected throughout Saturday.

– Trøndelag seems to get the worst wind, says the meteorologist to Trønder-Avisa. The wind warning is at orange danger level. There will also be heavy showers with snow and hail.

– It will be horrible, quite simply, says meteorologist Anne Solveig Andersen.

It is expected lightningThe danger of lightning means that people should disconnect electrical appliances, adapt their speed to driving conditions, seek shelter, avoid open plains and large trees and not swim or bathe. in Trøndelag, Sogn og Fjordane, Møre and Romsdal and Nordland.

Around half past two on Saturday, the meteorologists reported that “Thor with the hammer” is underway over central Norway.

There is a red or orange danger warning for landslides in almost all of northern Norway, as well as in large parts of Vestland and Møre og Romsdal.

THOR IN START: Thor with the hammer is underway over central Norway, reports the Meteorological Institute. The low pressure brings with it strong winds and heavy showers with thunder. A warning of high lightning for the coast between Fedje and Myken has been sent out. Photo: Meteorological Institute

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