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Dear, dear fellow citizens. Dear, dear MGP viewers.

For the first time in very many years (apart from the year Ulrikke Brandstorp could have secured us a victory, but was cheated of the opportunity due to Covid), we have a genuinely good opportunity to take Europe by storm.

If we all join together to be wise, we could potentially win the Eurovision Song Contest.

But then we have to vote correctly.

We have to vote on Riddle.

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Full pot – full package

Gåte has achieved something rare in the Norwegian MGP context (in recent times).

They deliver a stage show that gets the blood pumping, they have a song that catches and takes off, they deliver something innovative and surprising, they do something that feels very Norwegian and representative – and last but not least: What talented musicians they are .

Jackpot. Full package.

But I’m not holding my breath. I don’t feel sure we’re going to be smart.

Fear this

I’m terribly afraid that either KEiiNO or Super Rob and Erika Norwich winner.

Both parts are a scandal.

It is probably the most likely that KEiiNO will win, but I can’t understand anything other than that in that case it must be about nostalgia and bitterness over what was lost.

KEiiNO should have won the MGP in 2021, when for some strange reason we decided to send Tix with angel wings and a chain.

Dislikes Swedish mockery

One of the worst things I know is when Sweden laughs at us. When Sweden has reason to laugh at us. When they point at us and wonder what the hell we do.

They often get the opportunity to do so in the ESC context.

I think they did when we sent Tix, I think they did when we sent Subwoolfer, I think they’ll do it if we not sends Riddle.

Like an old Aqua song

I love KEiiNO.

“Monument” from 2021 was a fantastic song. “Damdiggida” does not work.

It feels like a bad copy of an old Aqua song and the stage show is not good enough.

Super Rob and Erika Norwich’s song is mega embarrassing.

We CANNOT send a giant robot and a song about Ai to the international final.

Then we must be forever ashamed.

Europe will laugh at us. Sweden will accept.

Please, please, please.

think about it

Now we have the chance.

Finally, we can send something that makes the Swedes clap their hands again and nod in appreciation.

We can show that we haven’t given up – that we will chase that Eurovision victory until it is!

Dear everyone. Democracy is beautiful, but think before you vote.

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