You are entitled to this in compensation

You are entitled to this in compensation
You are entitled to this in compensation

Europower has prepared a review of the regulations for household customers who lose power:

  • If the power is out for 12 hours, customers are entitled to NOK 500 in compensation – provided the power cut is not the customer’s own fault.
  • Customers then receive NOK 40 per hour for every hour the power is out, i.e. NOK 960 per day.

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This means that if, for example, the power is out for four days, as has been the case in several places, the customer is entitled to a refund of NOK 3,860.

In comparison, the average bill for Norwegian households for a whole month of electricity in December was between NOK 2,400 and 2,800, according to Fornybar Norge’s electricity price index.

However, there are some limitations in the reimbursement scheme, according to Europower.

A customer cannot be paid more after a power cut than the expected net rent for a year. In addition, holiday homes only receive a quarter of the reimbursement for ordinary homes.

In recent days, there have been extensive power outages in several places in the country as a result of the storm “Ingunn”. In Trøndelag alone, up to 25,000 customers were affected.


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