Palestinian Red Crescent workers killed in Gaza

Palestinian Red Crescent workers killed in Gaza
Palestinian Red Crescent workers killed in Gaza

Three members of the Palestine Red Crescent have been killed in the Gaza Strip in recent days, the Norwegian Red Cross said in a press release on Friday evening.

Members of the Palestinian Red Crescent bid farewell to their colleague Hedaya Hamad, who, according to the organization, was killed by Israeli snipers in Khan Younis on Friday. Photo: Palestine Red Crescent

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Published: 02/02/2024 20:38

– There is terrible news coming from our colleagues in Gaza today. We send our deepest condolences to the families of those killed and to their friends and colleagues in the Palestine Red Crescent, says Anne Bergh, who is secretary general of the Norwegian Red Cross.

Two of the three were near the gate of Al-Amal Hospital of the Palestine Red Crescent in Khan Younis when they were killed, the third close to the headquarters of the Palestine Red Crescent, which is in the same area as Al-Amal Hospital.

– What we know is that two employees and a volunteer have been killed while they were carrying out life-saving work, associated with the Red Crescent hospital in Gaza, says communications director Øistein Mjærum in the Red Cross to NRK.

Over 330 health personnel have been killed in the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip since October, according to Palestinian health authorities.

It is more than in any other conflict this century, writes the medical journal BMJ.

14 of those killed were associated with the Red Cross network, writes NRK.

– We are starting to run out of words to describe the desperate situation, says Mjærum.

This happens after several days of shelling and fighting around the hospital, which prevented access to the premises and created panic and fear among patients and thousands of displaced people who have sought refuge at the hospital in the hope of a safer place to be, writes the Red Cross in the press release.

– The volunteers and employees work under very demanding conditions every day. Many have lost family members or been affected themselves, but still continue to provide vital help. We also have two Norwegian emergency aid workers in Gaza, and we are naturally also concerned about their safety, says Bergh.

Under international humanitarian law, hospitals, ambulances, health personnel and their patients must be respected and protected in every situation.

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