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“Golsfjellet: SMOOTH!”

This is how the Swedish Road Administration summarizes the driving conditions on Golsfjellet on Friday.

Slippery weather also creates trouble in several places in southern, central and northern Norway.

Another storm is expected, and several roads and mountain passes may be closed.

This is how the situation is on the mountain passes on Saturday morning:

  • Rev. 7 Hardangervidda: Closed
  • Fv. 50 Hol–Aurland: Closed
  • Rev. 15 Strynefjellet: Closed
  • Rev. 52 Hemsedalsfjellet: Closed due to landslide.
  • Golsfjellet: Very smooth
  • Venabygdsfjellet: Closed
  • Tyin– Årdal: Closed
  • Krossen–Haukeli: Closed
  • Hunnedalsvegen: Closed
  • Vikafjellet: Closed
  • E16 Filefjell: Open, but column driving is considered
  • E134 Haukelifjell: Column driving

Several of the vegans may be closed for quite some time to come.

Photo: Norwegian Road Administration

The E6 over Dovrefjell is currently open. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration still writes that they are considering closing him.

Undriveable at the weekend

– There will be local variations, says Nils Karbø, head of traffic management and preparedness at the Norwegian Road Administration.

For large parts of the country, it will be impossible to go vegan for the next two days.

– We have looked at extra crew, but with the great risk of landslides and imminent danger of large landslides, we cannot promise to open the road. We are following the situation closely, says Karbø.

The E6 over Dovrefjell is one of several roads that are closed on Friday evening.

Photo: Norwegian Road Administration

Precipitation and wind will decrease towards Sunday, and it will get colder. The danger of landslides is still great.

The Swedish Road Administration urges road users to consider whether they must travel or not.

The police in Innlandet also urge people to drive according to the conditions. For the time being, they have not reported any serious accidents, but say that some truck trains have slipped off the road.

Been called down

Vegtrafikksentralen has noticed a lot of traffic from motorists on Friday.

– Since 12 o’clock I have received approximately 600 telephone calls. It’s much more than usual, so I might get a third of that, says traffic operator Stian Gullvåg to NRK.

They wrote on X/Twitter on Friday evening that they are overloaded because of everyone who calls in to tell about difficult driving conditions.

The vast majority of telephone calls come from the south of Trøndelag.

In central Norway, there is a risk of water leveling, rock fall and ice fall in several places, according to the Swedish Road Administration.

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